What does ASL Mean in Texting and Social Media

Do you know what ASL means on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat? Read this post to get more information.

Back in the 1990s, the chat platforms limited the user’s profiles to their screen names, unlike modern social media tools. Sometimes, the addition of race and picture was also allowed but that sparked controversy. The threats of cyber-stalking, racial profiling, and inappropriate online behavior exist even in the beginning. In the latest trend, digital communication has introduced ASL slang which abbreviates as Age, Sex, and Location. It provides quick access to someone’s demographic information on instant messengers and chats rooms. ASL can be referred to as the conversation starter or a question to know more about someone. In other words, ASL is a digital handshake or a simple question “Who are you?” However there are more security threats in the cyber space, thus users are asked not to share their details such as ASL. This slang is highly informative and relevant for starting to know someone. Still, there is a question that what ASL abbreviation means on various Social Media Platforms. Let’s find out!

What does ASL mean on Instagram?

Although ASL is also abbreviated as “Annoying Little Sister” or “All Ladies Shaved”. But the meaning of ASL on Instagram is way too easier. You cannot argue about the popularity of Instagram. It got fame like a wildfire since it was all about sharing photos and videos. The whole Visual aura of an app made it a cultural powerhouse. Above all, “Instagramming is a verb now”. This is the reason people are hopping in and exploring new people profiles. The raunchy addition to the ASL acronym is its use romantically or sexually online.

What does ASL mean on Facebook?

Initially, the only meaning of ASL on Facebook was “As Hell”. Users considered it a better substitute for a swear word. It is similar to acronym AF. However, Facebook is now officially used for many businesses and for meeting new people. Although Facebook features all personal details of an individual with their consent. Apart from that, people prefer to ask the little details. For that purpose, ASL slang was introduced on Facebook. ASL takes down the information of Age, Sex, and Location under its umbrella. People nowadays want to stay updated with Digital Slangs. This is the reason Facebook users has made it a trend to use ASL for beginning a conversation with a stranger.

What does ASL mean on Snapchat?

ASL meaning in Texting is clear that says “Age, Sex, and Location”. Snapchat always had a different approach than other Social media platforms. It offered a special feature of “Disappearing photos or videos”. Once a recipient received a photo or video, it will disappear forever. Interesting, no? Well, it is advertised as “A new type of Camera”. But, with time it has engaged the audience in staying in its chatroom for having ultimate privacy and keeping other people away from taking screenshots. Since, the trend of chatting increased ASL slang started being used widely with both meanings, as hell and age, sex, and location. Other than that, ASL on Twitter and TikTok serves the same purpose.

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