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WhatsApp Icon Aesthetic: How to get Colorful logo for IOS

WhatsApp Icon Aesthetic

Do you want to get WhatsApp aesthetic icon or logo for your IOS? Are you looking for a colourful logo and icons to make your mobile home screen look more beautiful? You are in the right place. Here you can find resources to get aesthetic WhatsApp logo and icon in different colours that you can use for different purposes.

With the ability to change the app icon in IOS, you can get beautiful icons on your phone’s home screen. You can create a good-looking home screen by changing icons of a single colour or mixed colours. These are available in different colours such as brown, blue, black, and more. In addition ,you can get icons for snapchat and other social media platforms.

Here are some places to get WhatsApp icon aesthetic for iPhone.

WhatsApp Icons from Pinterest

Pinterest is our number one choice as it has a large collection of colourful logos and icons for different social media apps. You can find a variety of aesthetic icons and logos to make your home screen look beautiful.

Pinterest Whatsapp icons

Pastel Pink Whatsapp icon
Pastel Pink Whatsapp icon
Beige Whatsapp icon
Beige Whatsapp icon
Green Whatsapp icon
Green Whatsapp icon
Pastel Blue Whatsapp icon
Pastel Blue Whatsapp icon
Light blue whatsapp iphone icon aesthetic
Light blue whatsapp iPhone icon aesthetic
Sage Green and White Whatsapp icon aesthetic
Sage Green and White Whatsapp icon aesthetic


Visit and search for the WhatsApp icon or logo and you will find a variety of logos or icons that you can use for iPhone. Here are a few icons you can find on Pinterest. You can see the pink WhatsApp icon as well.


Icons8 is a popular website for app icons. You can find icons for different social media platforms. It is not limited to social media, they have a large collection of icons and logos related to different categories. So, find your favourite WhatsApp icon on their website.

Here are some icons you can find on the icons8 website.

whatsapp icons by icons8


CityPng has a large collection of colorful images that you use as icons or logos in different places. You can also use these images to use in your posts on social media or different blogs. If you visit this website, you will find different categories and related images. Get yellow, purple, pink WhatsApp icons for your app.

citypng WhatsApp logo

Visit CityPng to get aesthetic WhatsApp icon.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Icon Aesthetic

Can you customise the Whatsapp icon on iPhone?

Yes, you can change the default Whatsapp app icon into a more visually appealing aesthetic icon. You can download the icon online or create your own to change the existing one.

Where to get aesthetic Whattsapp icon for your iPhone?

You can get aesthetic Whatsapp icon from many different sources including Pinterest, icons8, Citypng and many others. They provide even more variety as you can get for other apps as well.


Whether you can blue WhatsApp icons or pink icons for your iPhone, many websites can provide you aesthetic logos and icons. Make your iPhone screen more beautiful with these beautiful logos.

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