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How to Get the Harry Potter filter on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok?

Instagram and Snapchat are among the most used apps in Millennials because it’s quick and amazing. With a single click, you can be the most beautiful person in the world and can share it with just a tap. TikTok is too nowadays a talk of the town, and we all know why.  Then, there comes Snapchat which open the Camera right after you launch the app. Isn’t it just exciting to have so many apps with amazing features? However, if you are a Harry Potter fanatic, then you must know the “Harry Porter Filter” craze on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

These days, there is a new filter that can transform you into real- Harry Porter or its characters. Yes! You heard it right. From James Porter to Luna Lovegood, you can turn into anyone you want to.

Talking about the Harry Porter filter craze, it’s not limited to one app only. You can find it on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. But, how? Let us tell you how you can turn into a real-life wizard with just a single tap!

Instagram Harry Porter Filter

The Harry Potter filter on Instagram incorporates numerous most loved characters. It’s amusing to look through the page and discover the character you have consistently revered and afterwards change yourself into it. These are new filters made by Syilers on Instagram that are delightful. By seeing one on your selfie or video, you would be astonished regarding how amazing it looks. These Harry Potter filters look stunning. What’s more, you can impart these filters to your friends and followers.

There are so many imitated filters by a different creator. However, look for the filters by the name of Syilers, who first launched this filter. Now follow these steps:

  • Swipe left to open the Instagram camera, and at the bottom, you’ll find all the filters you have previously used.
  • By swiping right, you’ll find an option of “Browse Effects”. After opening, you’ll see a library of an amazing filter.
  • On the top right corner, you’ll find the search bar where “Harry Porter Test”.
  • Select the first option and your filter will pop up on your screen.

That is it! Take a photo, make videos, and have fun. If you love this filter and wish to utilize it all the more regularly, you can save it in the collection to use it whenever you want and need it. There are a ton of filters other than this. Other than this one, there are such countless filters identified with motion pictures, dream films, Netflix arrangement, and wrestling to be found on the company.

TikTok appears to have fallen head over heels in love for the test of utilizing the filters, and there’s nothing unexpected that their recordings are truly amusing to watch since you will see a genuine film-like look in their characters someplace.

TikTok Harry Porter-Themed Filter Challenge

Concerning now, there is no Harry Potter Filter accessible on Tiktok and all the recordings that you see there are only the difficulties that were made by the sweethearts and fans of Harry potter.

Assume you need to make your recordings entrancing as a TikToker by depicting yourself as one of the film characters from the series Harry Potter. All things considered, you need to depend on the Instagram Harry Potter filter. It is liberated from cost for you to attempt to apply to your selfies. Besides, you can simply snap a photo with it and save it in the display area to share it on all the social networks you are utilizing, like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But there is a way to get a Harry Potter filter on TikTok:

TikTok is a famous video creation application that offers us a ton of filters that we can appreciate by making recordings. We can utilize consequences for TikTok. To use the uncommon filter on this application for recordings, First of all, open up the camera by tapping the “+” symbol or catch.

Click on the impact alternative that is situated on the left half of the “recording button” and where you would have the option to see a tremendous assortment of huge loads of different filters. Search Harry Potter, and you may see a few filters that other users have too used

From that point onward, you can pick the one filter you need to try once the entirety of the TikTok impacts are obvious on the screen when you click on the chosen filter that will be applied on the screen as the edge.

Hogwarts dreams in Snapchat with Harry porter

The application added another Harry Potter-themed lens that transports you into the popular wizarding school so you can practice spells.

Like other “shoppable” lenses, it transforms into a mini-game that expects you to practice different spells from the books by drawing on your screen. This is what it would seem that in real life. While the lens will probably be a hit with the application’s Harry Potter fans, the lens is likewise one more illustration of why Snapchat’s new lenses are so amazing.

Big reality lenses are turning into the main part of Snapchat’s application. As Facebook and Instagram keep on pounding the company on the Stories front, lenses are probably the absolute best at drawing in users such that Facebook can’t. Furthermore, what preferred approach to demonstrate that over with some ordinary wizard sorcery.


Since Instagram offers the best kind of Harry Potter filters, you can on the other hand make a selfie or video there and post it either on Snapchat stories and TikTok. Other than them, you can post it on different social media sites where you can flex your amazing Harry-Porter themed videos and photos and tell your followers that you are one of the biggest fans of the series.

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