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Snapchat Planets Order: How Friends Solar System Works?

Snapchat Planets Order

Snapchat Plus adds a fun twist to your social interactions with the Friend Solar System feature. But what exactly are these Snapchat Planets, and how can you navigate this cosmic ranking? This guide unravels the mysteries, helping you understand your position among your friends and theirs.

What is the Snapchat Friends Solar System?

Imagine a miniature solar system within your Snapchat app, with you as the Sun at its center. Each planet represents one of your closest friends, ranked by your interactions and engagement. The closer the planet to the Sun, the stronger your friendship bond.

Image Source: Snapchat
Image Source: Snapchat

Understanding the Snapchat Planets Order :

Just like our real solar system, the Snapchat Friend Solar System has eight planets, each with a unique meaning:

  • Mercury: Your absolute best friend, the one you share the most snaps and chats with. (Represented by a red planet with four red hearts)

Mercury on Snapchat

  • Venus: Your second closest friend, someone you connect with frequently. (Represented by a light brown planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts)

Venus on Snapchat

  • Earth: Your third best friend, a close confidante you interact with regularly. (Represented by a blue and green planet with a moon and stars)

Earth on Snapchat

  • Mars: Your fourth closest friend, someone you enjoy engaging with often. (Represented by a red planet with purple and blue hearts)

Mars on Snapchat

  • Jupiter: Your fifth best friend, a valuable connection you cherish. (Represented by a reddish-orange planet with dark orange stripes)

Jupiter on Snapchat

  • Saturn: Your sixth closest friend, someone you appreciate and enjoy interacting with. (Represented by an orange planet with a ring)

Saturn on Snapchat

  • Uranus: Your seventh closest friend, someone you value on your social map. (Represented by a green planet)

Uranus on Snapchat

  • Neptune: Your eighth closest friend, completing your inner circle. (Represented by a blue planet)

Neptune on Snapchat

How to Access the Snapchat Friend Solar System:

Unlocking this feature requires a Snapchat Plus subscription. Once subscribed, visit a friend’s profile and look for the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold outline. Tapping this badge reveals your planetary position in their Solar System.

Remember: This feature is for entertainment purposes and shouldn’t define your friendships. It’s a fun way to explore your social connections and appreciate the unique bonds you share with each friend.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep in mind that your position in a friend’s Solar System might differ from theirs in yours. Friendships are dynamic, and interactions evolve over time.
  • Use this feature to spark conversations and strengthen your connections with friends. Share your planetary positions and reminisce about memorable moments.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you’re not Mercury for everyone. Every friendship holds its own unique value and significance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snapchat Friends Solar System


How do I see my Snap solar system?
As soon as you subscribe, your friends’ profiles will display a badge that will let you know if they are your closest friends or just friends. Your friendship’s location inside the Snapchat solar system will become visible when you tap on the badge; each planet corresponds to a distinct location.
Why can’t I see planets on Snapchat?
You are familiar with Snapchat planets if you are familiar with the planets in our solar system. Nevertheless, in order to use the feature, you must have a Snapchat+ subscription. When you visit your friend’s profile, if you are a subscriber, you ought to see a best friends or friends emblem with a gold circle around it.
How do Snapchat planets work?

How close you are to that individual can be determined by looking at the planet’s angle to the sun. In their solar system, you are the third closest friend if your buddy is the sun and you are Earth.

What does best friend solar system mean?

Friend solar system is a fun Snapchat Plus feature. Friendships are symbolised by planets and their distance from the sun to add some unique elements to the picture. The way this operates is that a user can see their planet in their best friend’s solar system by tapping on a ‘Best Friends’ badge.

What planet is #1 on Snapchat?




By understanding the Snapchat Friend Solar System, you can add a layer of friendly competition and amusement to your social interactions. Remember, true friendships go beyond planetary rankings, so cherish the connections you build regardless of your position in the app’s universe.

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