LLY in Texting

What does LLY mean in texting and social media? Texting apps have become one of the popular things that we spend our time on. WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and other apps have grown in popularity. Texting has introduced us to new words. Do you know the definition of lly in texting? Continue reading for the answer to this question.

LLY Meaning in Texting

The term “LLY” means “Licking Love You”. It translates to “I love you so badly.” You can find the use of lly in texting, online chat, email, blogs, instant messaging, and social media abbreviations.

More Forms of LLY in Texting

LLY can be used to respond to messages quickly. It is comparable to “ILY” or “I Love You.” Other short forms that convey almost the similar meaning are “ILYT”, “ILY2”, ILYM (I Love You More), ILYSM (I Love You So Much), ILYMTA (I Love You More Than Anything), LYSM (Love You So Much) , etc.

Another related term is “IMY” which means “I Miss You.”

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