PMO in Texting

PMO is a popular acronym that is used of social media platforms especially Instagram. Are you confused about the meaning of PMO on IG? The most common definition for PMO on social media is “pisses me off.” It is one of the most common definitions you can find on WhatsApp, snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

What is PMO on Social Media?

In addition to “Pisses me off” the term PMO has other meaning as well.  Another meaning is “Put Me On.” The term is used to refer to someone who asks someone else to tell something or to connect them with something else. It is another meaning of PMO, so it is better to consider the context of the use to determine the meaning.

Other Meanings for PMO

PMO has other meanings as well. It means “Project Management Office” or “Portfolio Management Office.”


The two of the most common meanings for PMO on Social media are “Pisses Me Off” and “Put Me On.”

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