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What Does KTFO mean in Texting and Social Media? KTFO Slang

ktfo meaning

In texting and social media, KTFO means “knocked the fuck out”.

Are you confused about the meaning of ktfo? Do you want to know what ktfo stands for? Even though it contains only four letters, but use it carefully as the full form may not please you.

KTFO is a next-level version of the simple expression “knocked out”. the meaning of KTFO is more vulgar than what simple ko means.


Person 1: Did you study the remaining part of the book?

Person 2: I didn’t. Last night I took the fever medicine and was KTFO until this morning.

KTFO is used in a sense to describe the result of physical impact by getting hit by another person, object, or just a situation. When someone describes a person as KTFO, he/she is saying that they or any other person has gone unconscious or physically hurt. It could be the result of an action.

Use of KTFO in Social Media

As the meaning indicates it is mostly used to describe the state of athletes or other people who take part in physical games, as sports are physically demanding. The use of KTFO is common on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

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