Moon Icon In The Snapchat App

The moon icon in the Snapchat app is a feature that allows users to hide their Snapchat Stories from certain people.

When a user activates this feature, their Stories will be visible to all of their friends except for those who have been selected to be hidden from. This can be useful for situations where a user wants to share a Story with most of their friends, but not with a specific group or individual.

To use this feature, a user can go to their settings in the Snapchat app and select “Who Can View My Story.” From there, they can select the friends they want to hide their Stories from.

It’s important to note that while hidden Stories will not be visible to the selected friends, they will still be able to see other types of content such as Snaps and Chat messages. Additionally, if a user adds a new friend, they will be able to see the user’s Stories unless the user specifically hides them.

Overall, the moon icon in the Snapchat app allows users to have more control over who can see their Stories, providing them with a level of privacy and flexibility in their social media use.

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