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Picuki – Instagram Viewer and Editor for Stories, Followers, Profiles, Posts

Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor

This article is about Picuki, an Instagram viewer and editor that you can use to view Instagram posts and stories without having an Instagram account.


  • Picuki: A Tool to Visit Instagram Without Having an Account
  • What is Picuki?
  • How to Use Picuki?
  • How to Check Instagram Followers with Picuki?
  • Is Picuki Legal And Safe?
  • Is Picuki Anonymous?
  • Is Picuki Free?
  • Is Picuki Down?
  • Is Picuki the same as Instagram?
  • Alternative to Picuki

Picuki: A Tool to Visit Instagram Without Having an Account


We live in a world where social media is considered to be an important part of everyone’s life. Instagram is one of the top trending applications in this regard. People use this platform to enhance their business, events, and moments. Many influencers and business bodies use Instagram to add an extra penny to their business. To engage more audience, they need an extra application, where they can enhance the beauty and significance of the product. There are many sites in the market where they can edit, resize or digitalize pictures effectively. But to use most of them, you have to have an account. There are few sites where you don’t have to make an account yet use their services free and unlimited. Picuki, Inflact, Webstagarm, IGLookup, etc are worth mentioning.

Picuki or sometimes called as pickuki is a whole package for Instagram lovers. You can view, edit, resize or download pictures from Instagram for an unlimited period for FREE OF COST. Yes, you read it right. You can use this application without having an account. The interface of Picuki is very easy and convenient even for first-time users. You just have to type the name of the account you want to view. And all the pictures and videos are on your laptop or mobile phone screen.

Picuki Instagram helps to make your pictures livelier and colourful. The more relatable content is, the more people will love to follow you. Everyone loves to see things that intrigue them to buy or see. Picuki is the only solution to all problems faced by new marketers. Any new trend or hash tag for any campaign is a result of high tech research behind other products. It all can be done by using various free features of Picuki.


It’s a complete online site which is accessible on computers or laptops easily. No phone- friendly version released by the company so far. So it is not available to download on any smartphone. But a beta version is available for Iphones or Ipads. A computer version has more options and services than phone light version. So it is suggested that big campaigns should be designed on proper work environment.

Picuki has hundreds of options to enhance posts and pictures. But you can edit pictures only, in case of videos or stories picuki does not provide this facility. It has also helps to stay up to date with hash tags and trends. You can enjoy all the services of Instagram being completely anonymous. But you have to follow the respective accounts and users to see their data. Private accounts are not included until you follow them.

Just tap on the trending button and you will find hundreds of trending accounts on your go. A good hashtag will help you capture more and more audiences. It helps you to know about your competitors anonymously. Just follow their trends and build a strategy ahead of them. More relatable pictures and videos, more chances of getting success. In this pictorial world, you just need the right direction to put things together. And viola the start of your prosperity is just around the corner.

Also helps to track locations and events by using one of its many options. The best part is it can help you to know the preferences and choices of your target audience. Its privacy policy is very discreet and user-friendly. They do not sell data and information to third party. Most of the time they do not track the information of a user. They use cookies to track the likings and preferences of the user. It helps them to know the core of their costumer. For protection, they use advanced virus detection on their site. Site makes sure that your data is in safe hands and no malware affect the precious data of any costumer.

Picuki Features

So Picuki is a really good platform to increase engagement of your account. After developing a wonder content, where will you go? To your audience, of course! This app can let to explore all the trending Instagram content under its roof. It shows the trending tags and profile, and offer ideas for your content.

What is Picuki?

We have already discussed what Picuki is and how to use it. Picuki is an online Instagram viewer and downloader tool that allows you to download photos and pictures from any Instagram account. You don’t need to register on the website to view the posts of any profile. Just put in your username and search for the related profiles from the list and you go.

By using Picuki you can stalk other users without others knowing about this. You can check other people’s profile posts, followers, and profiles that they are following. In addition, you can check likes and comments under any post.  

Picuki is popular with many other names such as pocuki, pickiu, picuji, pickui, pikuci, pixuki, and picuki Instagram. No matter how users search it, picuki is one of the best insta viewer tools available online.

How to Use Picuki?

If you want to use Picuki, just go to www Picuki com and start exploring the features. There are two main ways to use Picuki.

You can view photos by searching the account or

You can search photos by searching hashtags

Method 1 – Account search

Method 2 – Hashtag search

How to Check Instagram Followers with Picuki?

Picuki is an amazing Instagram followers viewer tool. Just enter the username of the profile and visit their profile page. You will see a count of followers and following. In addition, if you want to view Instagram comments for a post, head to the Insta post and click on it. It will show you a count of likes and comments. You can also see other people’s comments anonymously. If you are looking for an private Instagram comments viewer tool, Picuki is one of the best.

Messi Instagram Followers Count
This image shows number of posts, followers, and following for Lionel Messi Profile. (Updated July 2022)
Cristiano Profile on Picuki Instagram
This image shows Cristian Ronaldo profile stats with number of posts, followers and following. (Updated July 2022)

Is Picuki Legal And Safe?

Yes, Picuki is safe and you can use it without any risk. You can browse Instagram without any problems. As far as legality is concerned, it is not clear whether Picuki is legal or illegal. But, it is risk-free.

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes, Picuki is anonymous and you can view Instagram photos, videos, and stories without exposing your identity. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can watch other users’ Instagram posts.

How Users Search Picuki Online?

Picuki or pocuki is a popular Instagram tool. To access picuki website people use several words to find this tool on Google.  Usually, it is the result of misspellings. Some of the words may include pickiu, piculi, picuji, picuko, pickuki, pickui, picuk, picucki, pikuki, pikuci, pocuki, and so on. The correct spellings are picuki.

Is Picuki Free?

Picuki is free for use. You don’t need to pay any money to view data on Instagram.

Is Picuki Down? Not Working?

Picuki is a helpful tool that allows you to stalk other users. It works perfectly, and you can do your search quickly. However, sometimes it may go down due to high traffic. It may cause by a server error. If Picuki is down or not working for you, wait for some time and try again.

Is Picuki the same as Instagram?

No, Picuki is not the same as Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform where users register their accounts and make posts. They post videos, stories, and other things. On the other hand, Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer tool that users can view other users’ profiles privately and without an account.

Picuki Alternatives


Inflact is ranked as the top choice on our top list of Picuki alternatives. We consider it highly recommended Instagram viewing app available on Google Play. We, are impressed by its lightweight design, and easy-to-use interface. Inflact allows us to easily interact through Instagram content, ranging from browsing our feed as well as commenting and liking posts, to browsing stories, searching for Instagram users and hashtags, and much more without the requirement of the purchase of a subscription. Like Picuki, Inflact allows to download unlimited amounts of content from Instagram’s public Instagram profiles, and even browse posts without sign-up, which is an easy way to access content that users may block us.

In addition, Inflact’s subtle feature that lets us browse through highlights and stories without leaving a trail is extremely useful. If we decide to sign up and/or not, Inflact will cater to our needs, providing the option of signing up users who want to keep an eye on certain accounts with a keen eye. Additionally, Inflact distinguishes itself by providing the option of saving images in the app rather than directly saving them to our phone’s gallery an essential feature that can help maintain an organised and clutter-free gallery. In the end, Inflact fulfils our Instagram viewing needs efficiently and provides a seamless, user-friendly experience that makes it a distinct alternative to Picuki.

Webstagram: Alternative to Picuki Instagram Viewer

Westagram is another helpful tool for all users of Instagram. If you are a new business entity, you are very keen on the growth and success of your account. Webstagram tells you about the reach and performance of your product. It will tell you the people who visited the account as well as their most viewed product. It will help you to determine trends of people on instagram as well as twitter. Both big platforms showcase the needs of the today age consumers. So a good campaign can help to reach as many people as we can.

Webstagram also predicts the future and sends weekly reports about your account. You cannot modify or edit data like Picuki but you can have thorough knowledge about each move of your account. By just having an account on Webstagram you can track all the latest marketing strategies in the market. It can help you implement new effective power moves. A new, modern policy and your product are on the A list. There are many other sites on the internet providing the same services. But Webstagram provides services for an unlimited period at no cost at all. You just have to make an account and then sit back and watch your business flourish in a few days.


Picuki Versus Webstagram

Can modify pictures and stories in trending way Cannot change the content of the picture
Helps you identify new and trendy hashtags Made comparisons between yours and rival accounts
Each new account can be accessed easily It can evaluate the performance but cannot scrutinize the trendy ones
Do not evaluate reach and performance Detailed analysis can get in one click only
Instagram   new   accounts   can    be viewed instantly Assessment of account and its weaknesses can be seen easily
All the latest and happening events shows in this site Tells detailed report about past, present and future performance
It has nothing to do with account’s reach and


Helps you to improve your account so that

future can be secured.


SmiHub is now our top Instagram profile picture downloader because of its ease of use and user-friendliness. Similar to Picuki. SmiHub permits users to securely download and access images from Instagram accounts that are public which allows us to browse profiles without alerting users. Beyond this ease of use, SmiHub distinguishes itself as an effective research tool that allows users to research brands as well as competitors and popular hashtags that are popular on Instagram. This feature is invaluable to social media companies and the power users of Instagram and the greatest part is that SmiHub provides these features without cost, removing the need to pay for platforms such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite. Additionally, it supports different languages and ads that are not intrusive make the user experience more enjoyable which makes SmiHub the perfect solution to our Instagram requirements.

In short, SmiHub simplifies the process of downloading Instagram profiles while being a multi-faceted research tool. It is a must-have feature without cost, which makes it a vital instrument for us to use in the age of Instagram as well as providing an easy-to-use experience for users in several languages and with no invasive advertising.


Gramhir is a game-changer that has helped us navigate the era of Instagram. Similar to Picuki it functions in the capacity of an Instagram viewer that allows users to easily browse other’s posts, save photos, and interact by commenting and liking. What makes Gramhir out is the multi-purpose approach. It doesn’t end with just viewing but goes further, providing useful insight into our Instagram presence. With Gramhir We gain insight into who did not follow us as well as the posts that generated the most attention and more, which helps us refine our strategy for content for increased growth.

One of the most notable features offered by Gramhir is the capability to publish to multiple accounts at once which saves us time and energy. In addition, the ability to save hashtags that are frequently used removes the need for repetitive typing. This powerful tool isn’t only for personal use, it is also useful to businesses, allowing us study competitors and adjust our strategy to suit. With these information sources available, Gramhir has become an indispensable tool for anyone looking to improve the quality of their Instagram presence. The cherry on top is the fact that this app can be a completely free web app that requires no subscriptions or downloads as well as the ease of removal of content for users who want to keep their Instagram accounts secret, making Gramhir an extremely versatile and user-friendly option.


StoriesDown has been a lifesaver to myself as an Instagram fan. Similar to Picuki, it’s an easy-to-use tool that eases the process of examining Instagram posts without the necessity to sign-up for accounts. I find it extremely easy and all I need to do is go on the website and type in your Instagram user name of the account I’d like to browse. Within a matter of seconds, StoriesDown collects and displays all public posts in a tidy grid format which allows me to scroll through the content and save any which catch my attention. It’s amazing how quick it can work in a matter of seconds that I can find and save every Instagram post which makes it an essential device for my everyday Instagram journeys.

The option to save these posts on my device to view offline is an absolute benefit. As a person who values security, I appreciate the fact the fact that StoriesDown also offers the option to delete my account, which ensures that my online activities are secret. Additionally is that there aren’t any additional fees or charges that I have to pay for. I can utilize the platform as often as I’d like without having to pay any money. While there are advertisements that are displayed on the website but they’re not invasive and can be easily ignored, which makes the overall experience easy and simple. In the end, StoriesDown has become an integral component of my Instagram toolbox, making it an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to improve their Instagram experience in a hassle-free way.


I’ve had the privilege of using InstaDP and it’s an amazing tool for Instagram fans like me. Similar to Picuki InstaDP is a multi-faceted web-based tool that eases downloads of Instagram images and videos. What makes it stand out the other apps is its speed, ease of use as well as the ease of use. There’s no need to register.

In addition to its video and photo downloading capabilities, InstaDP offers even more capabilities. It allows me to browse Instagram accounts, story and reels, so that I don’t miss any moment of action. Being able view an Instagram post in the full-size and then download it in image as well as video formats is very useful. One of the features I enjoy is the ability to organize a set of stories shared by various Instagram users, resulting in visually appealing content boards like Pinterest but specifically designed for Instagram content. In the end, InstaDP has become an essential tool in my Instagram toolbox, making it an absolute must-have for anyone wanting to boost their Instagram experience without hassle.


Dumpor is a game changer for me in regards to navigation Instagram content and stories. Like Picuki, Dumpor allows you to see these content however what sets Dumpor apart is its open source nature and the capability access Instagram profiles without revealing your identity. This feature has proved extremely helpful; it allows me to look up and browse every public Instagram account no matter if currently following this account, or not. I can browse content using labels and tags or usernames and Dumpor shows all content that matches my requirements. Dumpor also allows me to search for posts based on locations, interests or users which makes it a flexible instrument for locating interesting Instagram content.

Utilizing Dumpor is easy. I simply go towards the home page, type an account’s username and the name of the Instagram public account I’d like to investigate using the search bar and voilà! Dumpor provides me with every public post from that account, and gives me the possibility to browse and download any of the posts. The best part is the ability to play Instagram reels with Dumpor as well as save the videos to enjoy later. The most appealing aspect is that my actions remain private; Dumpor makes sure that the users of the platform are not capable to know that I’ve seen their content. This makes it an excellent way to remain away from the world while remaining active and captivated by what other people are doing.


Pixwox is now my preferred digital photo editor online, delivering the same experience as Picuki. What distinguishes Pixwox different is its enthralling range of tools and features which allow me to browse Instagram content with the creators of the content not being aware. The greatest part is that Pixwox gives these functions at no cost, without requiring any account registration.

When I arrive on Pixwox and logging in, I am greeted by an array that includes popular account names and hashtags, making it easy to find interesting content. If I’m in search of something particular the search bar is useful for me to quickly locate what I’m looking for. Pixwox offers a handy download button that allows the user to store Instagram content directly onto my computer. Furthermore, I can watch Instagram reels as well as stories full-screen mode, and even save them to view later to enhance the overall Instagram experience. Pixwox has become an indispensable tool for people looking for a simple and discrete method to interact in a seamless and secure way with Instagram content.

4K Stogram:

I’ve had the privilege of working with 4K Stogram as part of the comprehensive suite of tools offered through 4K Download. What is unique about 4K Stogram particularly appealing is its affiliation with a firm that does not just create top-quality tools for downloading, but also provides amazing audio and video editing software. This partnership distinguishes it from Picuki and other similar tools since it signifies the fact that 4K Download is constantly developing and expanding its capabilities.

4K Stogram A versatile Instagram downloader that caters to users on both Windows as well as Mac users, and provides access across a wide range of platforms. One of its most distinctive characteristics is the ability to download content not just from public accounts, but as well from private accounts and hashtags. Amazingly, it is able to handle large quantities of images and allows users to download as much as 600 photos at once. This isn’t just for images alone. 4K Stogram extends its capabilities to video downloads, and comes with an integrated photo viewer and editor which makes it an all-inclusive solution for full Instagram Content Management.

The user-friendly interface, which is reminiscent of Instagram’s style, adds to the appeal of the platform and offers a variety of ways to download content using username or tag, as well as by place. If you’re looking for protection from the public the 4K Stogram lets you save the private Instagram content, though it requires entering Instagram login credentials via the app’s browser. The most impressive feature is the capability to create a full copy of the content on you Instagram account, which makes it easier to manage the download of all your Instagram photos and videos, regardless of whether they come directly from your account or from a public profile. In the end, 4K Stogram has proven useful for those who are looking for an efficient, feature-rich and complete content downloading solution.


Picuki is a free Instagram tool that you can use to view and download photos and videos from other users’ profiles. In addition, you can search content by profile, tags, and location. Just write something in the search box, and it will recommend related profiles, tags, and much more.

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