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6 Strategies to Increase Engagement On Facebook

6 Strategies to Increase Engagement On Facebook

Having Facebook engagements is one of the essential parts of establishing your business or brand in the online world. Suppose potential customers see that you have a lot of attention on Facebook. In that case, it can slowly build your brand and trust among your audience because many people are inquiring about your services or products.

If you have just set up your new Facebook page or worry that your Facebook engagements have decreased since then, this article will guide you with six strategies to increase your engagement on Facebook.

What Are Facebook Engagements?

Great examples of Facebook engagements have likes on your posts, comments, and a fair number of shares for your posts or advertisement. Moreover, if you aren’t experiencing vast reaches for your page, there are still ways to build up your engagement on the online platform. They are:

  1. You Can Buy Facebook Comments and Likes

If you have a hard time attaining some organic reaches for your page or posts, you can always have the option to buy Facebook comments and comment likes for you to reach your desired numbers in no time. Moreover, this can help you build your branding quickly and widen your target audience if they see you have many comments and likes on your posts.

A possible effect of having many Facebook comments and likes is the trust of the potential customers in your products and services. Moreover, they will also share interest because they saw that many individuals are engaging in your post, making it look like the engagement is organic. It can be a build-up for your organic reach too.

  1. Post Your Content When Your Followers Are Active

You can use the Meta Business Suite or Facebook Engagement section to know when your followers are active. Since nearly 3 billion people use Facebook, you can have many options like choosing the primetime or what time you think your target audience is online.

Primetime means it’s the peak time when many people are online and are already done with their work hours. This way, you know they can be scrolling already, so you need to get their attention through your Facebook posts. For example, you can release a poster or discount poster whenever your service or product is on sale.

  1. Change Your Creatives Game To Video Making

Do you think your followers are getting tired of the same old posters on your Facebook page? Step up your game by releasing short clips or videos to attract your target audience. According to a study, videos have twice the audience’s engagement other than the different standard content releases. So, it’s best to capitalize on uploading videos on your Facebook page to attract more audiences.

You can hire a videographer or video editor if you have the budget to improve the videos you will release for your page. Posting a short video can help you increase engagement on Facebook by being more creative with your work.

  1. Keep Your Captions Short but Convincing

Whenever you’re going to publish a poster, video, or picture of your product on your Facebook page, you should always mind the attention span of your target audience and not make them scroll past your post. It would be best to keep your captions short and simple so they are easy to understand.

For instance, your target audience is millennials or teenagers. Most of the time, the younger generations get bored quickly if the caption is too long or full of information. Hence, it’s best to create captions that are catchy and persuasive for them to put their interest in your product or services.

  1. Respond and Also Engage with Your Followers

If you have some engagement with your posts, you can take time and respond to your followers publicly so that potential audiences can see that you’re a responsive Facebook page. You can monitor your posts; if there are any questions in the comment box, you can respond to them.

Moreover, if an individual has left praise or feedback regarding your product and services on your page, you can also thank them and give out random small discounts if they’ve been a loyal consumer.

  1. Start A Giveaway

Did you launch a new product or recently open your online shop? You can increase your engagement by giving a giveaway to those who will join your giveaway! Giveaways and competitions are a great way to get people to engage and comment on your page.

However, you should also set some of the mechanics so that people interested in joining will not be confused about your page’s details and where you are located.


It would help if you didn’t let your hopes down since there are many strategies to increase engagement on Facebook. You can pay for services that can provide you with Facebook comments and like, which can also intrigue other people to check out your account. Moreover, if you have enough budget, you can do different things to boost your engagements.

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