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Where to Buy Slime from Instagram | Best Slime Shops on Instagram

Slime Shop Instagram

Slime is a beauty on its own, which is why we like to play with it. The number of slime accounts on Instagram shows the popularity that slime has gotten. Even if you type #slime in the search box, you will see many Instagram slims shops/accounts.

Do you like slime too? If you have been on Instagram, you can find many accounts related to slime. Here are some of the best slime shops/accounts on Instagram. You can buy slime from the slime store available on Instagram.


  • Samantha Slime Shop
  • Bingo Slime Instagram
  • Slime Diary Id
  • Instagram Slime Bakery
  • Slime World
  • Uniicorn Slime Shop
  • How to Sell Slime on Instagram?

Samantha Slime Shop

Samantha Slime shop is a popular slime shop based in the United States. They have been working for a long time. Reviews on their google business page show that they are a reliable shop for slimes. More than 7000 followers on Instagram indicate the popularity of their products. You can find interesting slime on their Facebook, Instagram, and other pages.


Instagram Address: @samanthaslimeshop


Bingo Slime Instagram

Bingo Slime shop has over 200k followers on Instagram. Such a huge amount of followers is enough to indicate how popular they are among on Instagram. The Instagram account of the Bingo shop offers eye-catching slimes. You can visit their website if you want to buy slimes from Bingo Slime Shop.


Instagram Address: @bingoslime


Slime Diary Id

Slimediaryid Instagram shop has many beautiful and eye-catching slime designs. It is hard to stop yourself from placing and order. If any slime interests you, just order it by clicking a link given on their Instagram profile. They post many things related to slimes. If you are interested to know a lot more, contact slime diary ID.

Instagram Address: @slimediraryid


Instagram Slime Bakery

Another popular shop is Instagram slime bakery which offers interactive slime designs you can purchase online. If you are looking for a different style, you can try Instagram slime bakery. You can try their giveaway and get prizes

Instagram Address: @its_slimebakery


Slime World

Slime world claims they use the most elevated quality items for the customers’ delight. They offer cash on delivery service. The Instagram page of slime world is active and they posting often. You can visit their page and find interesting stuff related to slimes.


Instagram Address: @slimeworld328


Uniicorn Slime Shop

Uniicorn Instagram slime shop is run by Joseph Anthonii. He makes many interesting things for you. You can find a lot about slimes when you visit their account. He has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and you can learn about slimes if you want to.


Instagram Address: @uniicornslimeshop


How to Sell Slime on Instagram?

The best to sell slime on Instagram is to learn from other sellers. You can visit the shops of existing slime sellers and check how they sell things. Create an Instagram account and upload pictures of what you create. It will help you attract potential customers.


Visiting the profiles of these slime accounts will tell you a lot about how others are making and selling slimes on Instagram. If you are a seller, you can learn how to create slimes and sell on Instagram. However, if you are a buyer, simply go to their shop and place your order.

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