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Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer 2024 (Private, Free)

Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

The Best Instagram story viewer helps you check stories anonymously without exposing your identity. It makes you feel secure when you search for stories of any profile. While there are reasons why anyone would like to check stories without exposing identity, but it is an effective way to stalking Instagram.

Instagram launched a story feature in 2016. Since its launch, it has become a favorite feature for Instagram users. It is a find way to share your activities. For example, you can post about how you spent your day in different places and you can update everything you are doing. It expires after 24 hours and you can post stories for the next day.  You can apply it to any activity you like.

You can see other people’s stories on Instagram. But, doing so will expose that you have watched their story. It is unwanted for some people. So, there should be a way to watch stories anonymously.

Fortunately, there are some tools that allow you to watch anyone’s story without exposing your profile or username.  You can watch stories privately without the knowledge of other people. With the help of an Instagram story viewer, you can check other people’s profiles and check their profiles. These tools enable the users to stalk on any Instagram profile without having an account.

Here are some of the best Instagram story viewers which you can use to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories

If you want to want a single story viewer platform enables you to watch stories and download photo and videos anonymously, Qoob is right for you. It is a great tool for bulk Instagram downloaders. It enables you to download almost everything like stories, videos, and photos.

It is easy to view and download Instagram stories with Instagram anonymous story viewer software. Qoob gives you a software program that you need to install on a computer, then you need to enter your username and it will start working. In addition, you can watch and download photos and videos with metadata.

Qoob facilitates you by automating the process. The software makes the entire process automatic by just entering your username and it starts downloading the content. You can save it on your computer/mobile.

Downloading TikTok Video is another feature of Qoob which makes it easier to get content from TikTok. You can download videos from users and hashtags. Even you can back up your TikTok and Instagram account with Qoob. In case something happens to your account, it is satisfying that your content will be safe.


Qoob does not disappoint you if you don’t have any money to use such a reliable viewer/downloader. For new and budget-conscious users, it has a starter package that can be tried for free. It allows staling 2 Instagram profiles and 200 daily photo and video downloads. The personal package is pricing at 7usd/month and it allows 10 Instagram profiles and many other features. Professional packages give you access to unlimited Instagram profiles and there are plenty of benefits of this package. If you want to views many Instagram accounts, a professional package is recommended.

Visit Qoob Website

Instalkr/Insta Stalker/StoriStalker


As the name indicates, Insta Stalker is a useful tool that can track the stories anonymously. Anonymous Instagram stalker is an online service that allows you to view other people’s likes, comments, posts, stories, and subscriptions. Even if the user has deleted them, StoriStalker can get that for you.

Are curious about what a person likes on Instagram? It can be your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, someone in the family, wife or husband, etc. Maybe you want to supervise your employees or your children. This tool helps you to find out the interests and social circles of any user anonymously. Not only that you can download their photos and videos.

Insta Stalker is a free tool to view Instagram stories anonymously. Just go to their website, enter a username and stalk any profile of your choice. However, you need to register if you want to know additional details about a profile.


Package tracking 7 DAYS ($1.4 /Day), Package tracking 15 DAYS (0.9/Day), Package tracking 3 DAYS ($2.7) /day.

Visit StoriStalker Website

SmiHub/Dumpor Instagram Viewer

Smihub is now Dumpor as you realize after you land on their website. It is one of the simplest tools that get to business straight away. You write your username in the search bar and hit enter. It finds your required information quickly.

Dumpor is not only a simple Ig viewer and downloader tool, it performs a variety of tasks for your profile. You can view online profiles, reels, ig stories, followers, tagged posts.  In the search bar, you can enter the username, location, or a tag and it finds the related content. You can download content by hashtags as well. Just enter your favorite hashtags, find a related post and download it. It is that quick.

Dumpor/Smihub is a simple tool that gets to work without any hassle. Even you can paste a link in on the website and it starts downloading that content of that post.


Smihub/Dumpor is free to use. You can use many tools free of cost on their website.

Visit SmiHub/Dumpor Website

Ingramer/Inflact Story Viewer

Ingramer is now inflact. It is a popular Instagram story viewer and downloader. Its simplicity and high-quality downloads make it an interesting tool for individuals, brands, or businesses. Whether you want to track your employees or any other business, this is a good tool for you. In addition to general services, it maintains the quality of the downloaded photo or video.

Easy to use interface of Inflact offers you simple methods to view and download Instagram photos/videos. There are six sections in which you can paste your URLs. These are download photos, download video, download profile, download stories, download igtv, and download dp. You can go to any of your choices, paste your URL and start viewing and downloading.

Keep in mind that this tool does not work for private Instagram content. All videos you want to download should be public. The premium feature allows you to download the whole Instagram profile with all media files. Inflact monitors all the updates and saves them to the user profile. The user can download these files later. In addition, you can schedule your posts for future. It saves you time.

Ingramer is without a watermark. So enjoy using this tool.

  • Hashtags Generator
  • Profile Analyzer
  • Instagram viewer and Downloader


The pricing varies according to what you want. Check all the details on the website. They accept payments through PayPal and debit and credit cards.

Visit Ingramer/Inflact Website



InstaSaved is a completed package that offers different services like Instagram story viewer, highlights viewer, publications viewer, avatars viewer, and stream viewer. Not only that, it allows you to download what you want from the profile.

You see a list of the services it offers for your profile. You can see a menu containing stories, highlights, photo, video, igtv, latest posts, and profile photo. You can click on any you want, enter your information and download anything you want.

The interface is simple and it takes you to that profile straight away. In the search line, insert the username of the user you want to view and download to your computer, tablet, or mobile. Then click the download button and it will be downloaded.

InstaSaved is a free tool that you can use to download content from Instagram. However, it can download content only from public profiles, not private ones.

This tool is available in multiple languages. It makes it a great tool if you don’t know the English language.

Visit InstaSaved Website



With its simple interface, InstaDp provides you quick services for viewing Instagram stories and downloading them. It makes it possible to view the stories for your friends, family, or celebrities. The design of the website is simple and you need to paste your username in the search and it will find your required profile. You can download stories and reels easily with InstaDp.

Even though it has many features for the stalkers. As it allows the downloading of Instagram videos, you can know secretly what someone posts on Instagram. However, it does not cost anything. It is a free tool.

Visit InstaDP Website

Stories IG

The best aspect of this tool is its simple design. You are greeted with a clutter-free interface that attracts you to enter your username. Just enter your username and the tool starts working.  It empowers you to watch the posts and stories anonymously. View and download any post or video you like.

StoriesIG does not require the installation of any software on your computer or mobile. It is an easy-to-use software that you can use by entering your username and downloading the videos. If you don’t want to download any software this is a great tool for you. This tool supports Instagram highlights viewer as well.

Save the content you like on your computer with this amazing tool without exposing your identity. It is one of the fastest Ig stories viewers.

Visit Stories IG Website

Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG viewer is an online application that allows you to watch Instagram stories or posts from people you are interested to without their knowledge. In addition, you can download these stories or posts to your PC or mobile phone.

It is free software and you can use it without having an Instagram account. Even it does not require and external software.

The interface of the tool is simple. Just get to the website, enter your username, and press the search button. After you select a profile, you can find the list of posts and stories. From there, you can select any post or story to download.

Visit Anon IG Viewer Website



With eye-catching visuals, storiesdown welcomes you with a beautiful design. It gives an Instagramic effect. The website asks you for your username straight away and it starts working immediately. Enter your username and it gives you the list of your Instagram posts and stories. You can download whatever you want.

StoriesDown is a perfect tool that matches the characteristics of an ideal Instagram viewer and downloader. No Instagram account is required to watch and download posts and stories. Nobody will know that you are watching someone’s posts or stories. It empowers you to save Instagram videos and posts in high resolution.

The blog section of StoriesDown has interesting content about growing your Instagram account. You can find useful information if you are interested to grow your followers on this social media platform. Why wait? Enter your username and start your viewing and downloading posts and videos.


StoriesDown is a free tool that lets you view and download Instagram stories, photos and videos.

Visit StoriesDown Website


GreatFon Instagram Viewer

GreatFon is another simple to use Instagram story viewer for you. This simple online tool can do many things for you like watching Instagram profiles, followers, and tagged web posts anonymously.

When you land on the website it gives you a simple search box where you can insert your username, location or tag and find related profiles. If you want to find posts related to any popular tag, just click on anyone in the list and you will be taken to the page where all the posts are listed. Then you can download the posts of your choice.

GreatFon does not require that you should have an Instagram account to use their services. Instead, you can enter your profile in the search bar and go that profile and download anything you like.

If you want quick results, use GreatFon and you will be able to stalk any Instagram profile.

Visit GreatFon Website


With anonymous Instagram story viewers, you can check other’s stories without an Instagram account. These tools enable you to view Instagram stories without them knowing about it. Enjoy stalking on Instagram with these tools.

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