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What Does ) Mean in Text Messages? “)” Texting Slang Meaning

) meaning in texting

Are you confused about the meaning of ) ? Probably, you get confused about the meaning of one parenthesis in a sentence. Don’t worry anymore. Let us explain the meaning of “)” in texting.

) means a friendly smile. It is a slight smile as the parenthesis is only one. But, as the use of parenthesis increase like it is )) or ))) , it gives the message that something is more funny than ).

Parenthesis are used commonly in texting and many people get confused because they don’t know the meaning of some slangs. Social computing journal knows this problem so we try to get answers to confusing slangs or abbreviations.

It is recommended to use a slang more often after you learn the meaning. It will help you learn fast and then you will not get confused about it. Even, you can tell others about it.

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