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How to Reopen a Snap More Than Twice? View Opened Snaps

How to Reopen a Snap More Than Twice

Snapchat is one of those applications that can allow you to share your life’s moments via snaps and videos. It has a feature of maintaining snap streaks that will add up the score of your account. This method may deepen your friendships and relations as well. It also has the option of deleting the chat or snap within 24 hours or after viewing. This feature is only available on Snapchat, added for security purposes only.

Now sometimes you saw a snap on your friend’s chat or another account maybe. You saw a snap and now you want to see that again. To see the snap one more time you can follow the following steps.

  1. Open the Snapchat account on your phone
  2. Swipe left and a chatroom will open
  3. Here all chats with your friends or contacts are available.
  4. Open the chat and snap you want to reply
  5. Hold on to the snap for a few seconds
  6. It will turn red or purple again
  7. Tap on it
  8. You can watch the snap or video one more time again
  9. That’s it

This method is valid to see snap for only one time. Few people want to see Snapchat stories more than twice. But according to the algorithm and system of application, it is practically impossible. But there is one way by which you can see snap more than twice. The process is quite lengthy and time taking. But it gives the perfect result you want for desired snaps every time.

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Steps to Open a Snap more than twice

The process has four distinct steps. They are as follows

  • Turn on the airplane mode
  • Watch the snap or video on the application
  • Uninstall and then reinstall Snapchat on the phone
  • Refresh the chat and tap on the snap

Turn on the airplane mode

Here’s how you can turn airplane mode on for an iPhone:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap on the airplane icon to turn airplane mode on.

Here’s how you can turn airplane mode on an Android device:

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen (twice).
  • Tap on the airplane icon to turn airplane mode on.

To get this option first you open the Snapchat application on your phone. Now swipe left on the screen. You can see all the chats and snaps your friend sends you. Now turns on the airplane mode according to your operating system.

Turning on the airplane mode gives a lot of benefits like it indicates that there will be no more changes occurring on the server after it. It will help you see the desired snap more than twice. Meanwhile, with no internet activity, there will be no override change on any snap and it won’t go away after viewing.

Watch the snap or video

Now to watch it more than twice you have to open it once on the application after turning on the airplane mode. Just follow the following steps

  • Open Snapchat account
  • Swipe right on the screen
  • Open the friend’s chat on the list
  • Tap on the red icon and watch the picture
  • Now close the chat

In airplane mode, it will not override the system or server, and that snap will remain in the chat for more time than anticipated. This step is necessary because if we do now see the snap once or twice after airplane mode, it is almost impossible to watch it more than twice. This part is essential to creating a loop.

Uninstall and Reinstall the application

After watching the snap, you have to uninstall the application again. Uninstall the application in airplane mode. You can delete it by holding it for a bit and choosing the delete or uninstall option from it. Delete all the settings and caches as well. Now turn off the airplane mode on your device to access internet services.

On an iPhone, you can turn off airplane mode by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and tapping on the airplane icon. On an Android device, you can turn off airplane mode by swiping down from the top of your screen twice and tapping on the airplane icon.

Now go to the apple store or play store to get the respective application for your phone. Install it on the phone. Now open the app and log in after adding your credentials in the respective boxes.

Refresh the Chat on the Snapchat

After the installation of the app, open the application on your device. Swipe right and open the chat and snap of your desire. It will refresh all the chats and now you can watch the snap one more time. And if the algorithm allows, you can watch it twice as well.


Repeat the process

If you want to watch that snap again. You have to repeat this whole process. The only perk of this process is that you can watch the snap unlimited times. But it is quite lengthy and technical and let’s be honest, nobody has this much time to do this again and again.

Changing setting into loop viewing

One of these features is the No Limit tool which can be used for pictures sent as snaps. Initially, all snaps sent had a time limit of 10 seconds before they disappeared. However, if you select the No Limit option, the recipient of your snap will be able to see it as long as they like before they exit the screen.

If you change the setting into a loop or no limit, the snap will be in the chat until you want. But once you log out or close the application, you would not be able to watch snap again.


Snapchat is one of the most used photo-sharing apps among youngsters. Sometimes you want to see snaps more than twice on the application. But the software does not allow you to see it. But following the above-discussed steps, you can watch snaps more than twice and in a loop as well. The steps are quite lengthy and time taking. But they can provide the results of your choice quite efficiently.

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