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What Does Glizzy Mean On TikTok? – Definition in Slang

What Does Glizzy Mean On TikTok - Definition in Slang

If you think that Glizzy Meaning is related to Grizzly bears, then you might be wrong. There is nothing inappropriate about Glizzy however it’s a pet name for a “Hotdog”. Doesn’t makes the sense? Yeah, we felt the same.

Searching the “#Glizzy” on TikTok shows random photos and you can never guess at one glance what it could be. But multiple videos under this hashtag points that glizzy is just a hotdog, or you might call it “Glizzy Hot Dog”. There is just a literal food item hot dog and a grilling staple.

The emerging slang words are entertaining and equally bizarre. Don’t think that Glizzy just appeared out of nowhere. It seems like far-fetched slang, however, it appears to relate to the size and shape of the Glock. In the DC area, the word “Glizzy” has been being used for Hot Dog and Glock for years. When the internet learned about this fact, they couldn’t resist. That’s how the Glizzy Fever started…

The urban dictionary also relates Glizzy to Hot Dog and a Glock. What an interesting world to live in!

If you are a TikTok user, you can discover a slew of views where people will be referring to hot dogs as “GlIZZIE”. More surprising terms TikTok has thrown us upon are Glizzy Guzzler and Glizzy Gulpher. The embarrassing part is, people who love hotdogs are called these names. However, we still can’t find a sane reason to call an average Hot Dog a “Glizzy”.

While most of the videos on TikTok with Hashtag Glizzy (#glizzy) are harmless, there are some PG-related videos. So, parents might need to step in. And it completely makes sense. However, people have always found something phallic about bananas and such-shaped food. Let alone the HotDog.

Talking about the statistics, the raunchy combination of glizzies and bombastic humour, the Glizzy hashtag has more than 700 million views on Tiktok now. Plus, the hashtag “Glizzy Gobbler” has crossed 200 million views till now. Don’t worry, we won’t snatch the fun of the word Glizzy Gobbler.

In fact, it is similar to Glizzy Guzzler and Glizzy Gulpher. Glizzy Gobler is the one who has no limits when it comes to hotdogs and consumes them in a rather aggressive manner. Sounds like a scary man, IMO.

Junkee mentioned that the slang term Glizzy has been made to the Multi-National channel ESPN. Should we consider it an achievement? However, the contestant Joey Chestnut of its show was called the Glizzy Gladiators for impressively devouring 75 hotdogs in ten minutes. It happened during the 2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

People from the DC area are a bit disappointed with its use. They kind of think that people who haven’t grown up calling hotdogs glizzies, should not be allowed to use this word either. But, it’s all over the internet now. People on these apps have the hunger for such cool words and now there is no going back. There is a chance might forget it, but it’s not going to happen anytime sooner.

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