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What Happened to Aniwatch Streaming Service? What are Alternatives?

After a substantial fan base, Anime is rooting for deeper connection in the future. Over the last few years, the popularity of anime and comic strip manga has grabbed the attention of the audience. It didn’t just confine its magic in Japan, but all around the world. People found Anime to be relatable it has a unique ability to grow with its viewers.

Nowadays, all these fans are mourning the demise of Aniwatch. It was known to be the best streaming service for Anime and people can get over it. There appeared multiple rumors and claims regarding the dismissal of services. At last, the company posted the official note which stated,

“In the past few months, Aniwatch has been struggling to keep up, mainly due to money problems and a few small server outages.

As of now, Aniwatch has reached its limits, and sadly, we can no longer provide this service like we used to.”

This statement was followed by a heartfelt note. They stated that people suggested them to get sponsored ads on their website. “They would rather have Aniwatch with ads than no Aniwatch at all”, officials mentioned. However, they have left their audience with hope. They have mentioned that “Aniwatch’s closure is not a definite decision. Our staff needs some time to figure things out.” So that could be a sigh of relief.

The complete official statement is,

Aniwatch Statement

After the fan favourite app was taken down, people started posting on their Social Media account. It took social media platforms by storm. The skyrocketing trend of Anime has taken over the internet and fans couldn’t afford to even miss a single episode.

Another major concern was raised by the company of not trusting any fake website which might take the fan-famous name. Since the Aniwatch had been taken offline officially, other users are trying to deceive their fans by stealing or faking websites of using the Aniwatch brand name.

On another Website reviewing website, fans posted their experience with Aniwatch. Rishma Lobo, a former user of Aniwatch mentioned,

 “Honestly, I understand why Aniwatch had to go. Nevertheless, my experience with it was breathtaking. I will never forget how easy, simple and personal it felt while watching a show from it. Out of all the sites across the globe, it was a high-quality site, first to give sections like the number of hours you spent watching an anime etc. and being so creative with it too. “

Another user described their love for anime and posted,

“I will miss this website for a while, I’ve watched hundreds of detective Conan and all of Naruto Shippuden here and I loved the chronicle feature that keeps track of what you’ve watched. I hope it comes back. Chigau… it will come back dies of cringe.”


It can be seen that fans are saddened by the news. But we have a solution to your problem. We have made a list of alternatives that will let you binge-watch your favorite anime series.

Here it is…

Best Alternatives to Aniwatch

1.     AniMixPlay


AnimixPlay is famous amongst the fans now as it’s a promising free anime app. It is offered with a huge database of anime and nobody can resist that. It has an array of useful search and amazing functions. A website and a phone app is offering similar options and features to their users.

What’s more?

Animixplay has a variety of languages for its diversified clients and all of its videos have a decent HD resolution. The website claims that Animixplay can even perform better than many premium services in the market.

We can agree with them by noticing their soaring popularity.

The app is completely safe and shows very few ads. You won’t be bothered by suspicious buttons either.


  1. AnimeTribes

The users of AnimeTribes are welcomed by a message that “’Congratulation! You have discovered the greatest online anime repository. The only place you will ever need to watch & stream anime online. This is the kind of confidence we need in our lives.

The interface of the website is bright and interactive. Multiple sections display the recently released anime and trending series. They keep their users updated with popular movies. The genres of anime are mentioned underneath series and movies to introduce new stuff to its users.

The best thing is, they have a truly huge database with minimum to no ads. Plus, there are irritating push-button ads. Isn’t it great?


  1. AnimeTwist (twist. moe)

It’s a bit turn off for people who hate ads and unwanted popups. However, Anime Twist has gathered an impressive amount of anime of different genres. The lovers of anime would love it, as it has a super easy interface.

There are no multiple options that can confuse. Despite they have a long list of animes of every genre to keep its user engaged with them.

The completely dark background of the website might intrigue lovers of the screen’s dark modes of devices.

It’s a free-of-cost website with no hassle at all.


  1. so


Looking for a free website to watch your favourite anime? Then GoGoanime.so must be your choice. It has an immense collection of anime where you can find all of your favourite series and movies. GogoAnime is offered in two formats to make it loved by every one of its users. Those formats are:


  1. English dubbed
  2. Subbed

The developers of GoGoanime have tried to keep their website updated. So their user never finds any inconvenience in browsing.


  1. Animeheros

As its name suggested, you call them the heroes of Anime as well. This website offers you browsing of unlimited anime. You can find sub and dub versions of animes in super HD quality of 1080p and 720p. Animeheros has made online anime browsing easier and has made it super compatible on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Although Aniwatch was an unparalleled platform for the users. But these sites can be easily accessed till it decides to make a super come back!

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