The Best Streaming Services for 2022

Streaming possibilities continue to grow and evolve. In fact, there are now more options than ever to noodle over as you make your streaming decisions for 2024. Whether you’re a movie buff, a sports fan, or someone who prefers a mixed bag of informative and entertaining selections, there’s something for every preference with streaming services today. HBO Max, for example, has recently become a popular alternative to traditional movie theaters, a trend driven in part by the pandemic. Disney+ remains a top choice for families looking to tap into the many newer and classic titles associated with the House of Mouse. Sling TV’s star continues to rise as well thanks to an impressive new app and a wide range of live TV selections at a reasonable price, and Fubo TV is one of the increasingly popular choices for sports enthusiasts. Netflix is still worth considering, too, especially when anything buzz-worthy like Squid Game comes along. Below, we zero in on some of the best streaming services for your consideration for 2024.


Despite being a bit pricy, HBO Max tops the list of the go-to streaming services for 2024 thanks to its appealing mix of visual delights both new and old. You’ll be treated to a nice assortment of newer movies like Wonder Woman 1984, for instance, coupled with many other viewing options. Warner Bros. also does same-day movie premieres in the U.S. that include 31-days of streaming access via HBO Max for films like Dune upon the initial release in theaters. Added features include award-winning originals that include news programming, and impressive library of older goodies like Friends.

Price: $9.99 per month with ads and $14.99 without ads.


Netflix is now considered the old kid on the block in terms of streaming services. Even so, it’s still worthy of your consideration because of awesome comedy specials, a decent assortment of genre-specific content, and shows that routinely generate interest such as the Lost in Space update, School of Chocolate, and The Witcher. However, titles do tend to be swapped out fairly quickly. This can be either good or frustrating depending on your usage and viewing preferences.

Price: $13.99 per month for the standard subscription.


An easy-on-the-budget price tag is one of the reasons why Disney+ has spiked in popularity since its debut in late 2019. The really big reason, though, is the massive volume of classic and newer content linked to the Disney brand in some way. What does this mean for the average user? How does access to Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars content plus classic fare and a large selection of originals sound? You’ll get this and more with Disney+ and possibly some PPV options since there are rumors this is in the works.

Price: $7.99 per month or $79.99 for a year of service.


On the more affordable side, Hulu stands out among the recommendations for streaming services for 2024 on this list because of its expansive current TV offerings. Except for CBS, you’ll get access to many major network TV shows. There are also some popular cable shows available the day after the initial airing. Another thing going for Hulu is its selection of original content that includes Nine Perfect Strangers, This Way Up, and a TV adaptation of Stephen King’s 11-22-63.

Price: $7 per month (starting price).

Amazon Prime Video

You’ll get a decent selection of kid-friendly and comedy options with Prime Video. There’s also a growing buffet of Prime originals that tend to be worth checking out, including The Boys, Chhorii, The Tender Bar, and Sardar Udham. You’ll also get access to The Sopranos and other hits from HBO’s back catalog. Prime video additionally gives you the option to rent or purchase titles from the available library, which you can enjoy offline.

Price: $119 per year (which includes all the Prime membership perks) or $12.99 per month.

Fubo TV

As mentioned above, Fubo TV is a great choice for sports fans. With the standard plan, you’ll get more than 120 channels, which includes pretty much every major broadcast network plus many popular cable networks. The NFL access will give you plenty to cheer about, as will the selection of niche sports channels available. For non-sports viewing, there’s MTV, Food Network, AMC, and other appealing streaming candy for your consideration. The downside with Fubo TV is the limited cloud storage options.

Price: $64.99 per month for the Family option and $79.99 for month for the Elite package.

Sling TV

You’ll get a nice assortment of ESPN channels with Sling TV, so it’s another option to consider if you’re a sports fan preferring to watch games live. For the initial monthly fee, you’ll get about 30 or so channels without having to worry about a contract. AMC, CNN, TNT, TBS, USA Network, and Comedy Central are among the notable channels available with this service. Sling TV breaks things down into three packages. So, take a look at the channels included with each option to make sure you’ll get channels you’ll actually watch.

Price: $35 per month to start.


Home to WWE pro wrestling live events in the U.S., Peacock is NBC Universal’s streaming service, so it’s heavy on NBC content past and present. Without a subscription, you’ll still get thousands of hours of content, which is one of the reasons it makes this list. Additionally, Universal recently announced plans to bring its movies to Peacock in 2024 for the pay-one window. Lionsgate also licenses its library of content to Peacock. The service also has streaming rights to Warner Bros. TV faves like Two and a Half Men. You’ll find the Harry Potter films living here, too, and some other visual goodies worth discovering.

Price: Free with ads (starting price) and free for Xfinity customers.


A Sony owned platform, Crackle is one of the best free streaming services to place on your list of possibilities for 2024. It primarily offers a wide selection of throwback content. However, you will get some original content here and there like the series version of the Guy Richie film Snatch. You’ll also notice some familiar faces like Chad Michael Murray and Adam Brody. The main drawback with Crackle is the commercials you have to sit through.

Price: Free (starting price), and the ability to opt out of ads for a small fee.

Tips for Making Your 2024 Streaming Choices

Streaming services are like potato chips in that it’s hard to enjoy just one. The good news is you’re welcome to sample a few of the services mentioned above that catch your eye, or use more than one if you prefer a streaming diet consisting of multiple services. Also, many streaming services today offer free trial periods. This is another way to briefly sample some services here and there before you settle on the ones you prefer to keep. Additionally, most streaming services allow customers to cancel at any time. We also recommend keeping the following tips in mind as you determine what the best streaming services are for you in 2024:

• Read reviews from current users or subscribers – from third-party sites preferably – to get completely honest opinions from actual users.

• Check out the various services you’re considering to see what the current program/viewing lineup is

• Consider Live TV accessibility options if you’re a cord cutter or planning to forego cable TV in 2024.

Final Thoughts

As you make your streaming choices for 2024, also consider factors that matter for you and anyone else in your household. This means looking at things such as available platforms, how many devices a service lets you use with one account, bundling options, and whether or not there are higher-quality viewing options like HD.

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