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Videovor: What are Some Alternatives to Videovor Downloader?


Video streaming is something we can’t get over with, but have you heard about Videovor? It converts media files, and make your download your favorite YouTube videos. You are sometimes travelling, and the internet becomes inaccessible. The soul of travelling is music and at that time you might need some music offline.  Don’t worry as we have come up with a solution.

What is Videovor?

Spotify has also emerged as a Millennial’s trend but we have something easier and compatible. You can enjoy your videos and music offline.

Videovor is a solution for converting your media files, mp4 and YouTube videos. Not just YouTube, you can download audio and video files into your device from any website.

So, what’s stopping you? Videovor supports different formats and lets you download online videos in your optional quality of music. Here, everything is free?

Believe me, you can download free-of-charge YouTube Videos in both Audio and Video formats. Talking about the stats and trends, more than 5 minutes are spent on Videovar by most of its users.

But which keywords can help you to discover this majestic site? If you are a beginner just type “YouTube to mp4” or “YouTube mp4”, and on your search engine, and you will be able to locate it.

How to Use Videovor Downloader?

We have a small tutorial that will help you in using Videovor:

Step 1: Enter the URL: https://www.videovor.com/ on the search bar. 

Step 2: After entering the URL, you will be welcomed by the User-friendly interface.

Videovor User Interface
Videovor User Interface

Step 3: There will appear a search bar saying “URL of the video you want to download”. Enter the YouTube video’s link.

Search bar on Videovor website
Search Bar on Videovor Website

Step 4: For example, if we want to download ” The World In 2050, The Real Future Of Earth (BBC & Nat Geo Documentaries)”, we need to copy the url from YouTube and paste in the search bar. Press enter and you will be offered two format options, Video Format (MP4) and Audio Format (MP3). The formats are followed by the size of the files. Here you can choose, either you want to enjoy its audio or video.


VideoVor Video Downloader

Step 5: If you select MP4 option,  it  will give the download link. Left click from your mouse the downloading will start immediately or  you can right click and choose save link as. You can also rename.  

Downloading on Videovor

Easy right? Videovor is a super-easy online application that doesn’t just allow you to download YouTube videos but audios as well. It enables you to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. This app Swiftly downloads your file to your device in high quality.

Videovor isn’t just a download but also has earned popularity for being an amazing online converter. It allows you to convert video into different audio and video formats of different video resolutions. Videovor is an all-in-one place and it supports nearly every audio and video format.

It does not have any boundaries. It can be accessed from all around the world. It will offer the best service, no matter you are from Australia or Africa. Furthermore, it recommends you trending videos you can download. This feature can save a lot of your time and effort IMO.

Videovor Alternatives

We guess you have learned enough Videovor. Let us take you on a tour of the best alternatives of Videovor on the internet. We have tested and found that these tools alternatives to Videovor.

  • Grab Any Media
  • YouTube Video Downloader
  • Video Downloader
  • Video Downloader All
  • FlashGot
  • Streak Video Downloader
  • Video Download Helper
  • Y2mate
  • TubeNinja.net
  • Vaporous YouTube Downloader
  • H2converter
  • Pointmp3
  • Quickest Video Downloader



1.      Grab Any Media

Grab Any Media is an Italy-based website but it has grabbed the attention of all around the world Just like Videovor, Grab any media is a well-known online platform for downloading the video file.

Grab Any Media

This website lets you download any video at any destination. Are you crazy about Video Streaming? Then Grab any media will make you love it more. It’s accessible on every search engine including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Above all, it’s free of cost. Without buying a subscription, you can access your favourite videos and download them.

2.      YouTube Video Downloader

It isn’t just an extension that lets you download unlimited YouTube Videos. It’s an easy to use and accessible Google extension that appears when you open the YouTube Video page. It will show a mini Download Button on it.

A single click on that download button will save that file on your device permanently. You can keep a record of 1000s of your favourite and all you have to do for it is “CLICK”.

3.      Video Downloader

Since many people are getting into the trend of downloading videos and keeping them on their phones. We found a special place which you can call Heaven for music as well. Video Download is an online extension which without any hassle download videos and other media files into your computer.

What’s so special about it? Video Download has the slogan “Get Them All”. It indicates that this website does not just let your download videos but all kinds of media files through your browser. It’s like all entertainment under one roof. However, many other people are hopping into the same deal of features but just stay where the quality belongs.

4.      Video Downloader All

Not just on a search engine, Video Downloader All is available on Google App Store. Isn’t it just wow? The experience of best in class video downloader is accessible on your PC’s Google Chrome internet browser and your phone.

Video Downloader All doesn’t restrict by imposing strict usage rules and subscriptions. Sounds like so much fun. You can use an array of features offered by the website and download online videos with literally no limits.

If we talk about Video Download All, it isn’t someplace where you would be disappointed. It lets you enter into the arena of famous media files. But let us tell you its downside. It can download videos from every side except for YouTube. It restricts you when it comes to YouTube. Don’t know the reason, but have another alternative that can make your YouTube video download easy.

5.      FlashGot

If you are looking for them which is not just a video downloader or converter, then FlashGot will get you covered. The whole long process of a client “Save link as” for multiple files is super boring. And we all are tired of it. FlashGot let you do it all with just a single click.


Just click on your favourite movie, music files, pictures, programs or anything. You’ll get it to download within a few seconds (we said it metaphorically, it mainly depends on your internet quality (LOL).

The best feature of FlashGot is its capacity to download multiple files with just a single client and having a large collection of everything.

6.      Streak Video Downloader

Streak Video Downloader, a well-known extension available on the Google Chrome browser. It enables you to download a huge collection of media files. It makes it simple for users to download video and audio documents, including sound, streak, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Streak Video Downloader makes it simple to download information from the Internet. No something over the top is required. However, Streak Video Downloader will not permit you to download any copyright-secured media records.

7.      Video Download Helper

The hero of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Video Download Helper is a famous extension that lets you download video and picture documents from different sites. It’s mainly for those people who hate giving details to the internet before downloading anything.


Video Download Helper is an ideal downloading platform online which lets you find your favourite media file quick as a sprinter.

8.      Y2mate

This website is not a very new name online, it can be considered the most famous online application for YouTube fans. People who want to download and play their favourite videos and sounds from YouTube can access them in a couple of minutes.


No matter where do you live! This website works on every gadget all around the world. Not just YouTube, you can convert videos from Facebook and other social media platforms. You convert it into either Mp3 or Mp4 but the constant thing will be High-definition quality. It upholds all videos including Mp4, 3GP and FLV just as Mp4 and Mp4 in HD.

9.      Qdownloader

Qdownloader has even a bigger game. It has dual features of downloading full feature movies and videos online from one place. It’s just a WOW! This online platform helps you save and recover your favorite movie and let your download HD videos at the same time.


But don’t a thing, it’s gonna make you bankrupt. It is free and that makes it even a better deal. You can download your whole long playlist without investing a single penny.

It’s easy to use video and movie downloader which does not ask for too much technical stuff. We all get a bit off guard if a website asks for too much info. But that’s not the case in Qdownloader.

10.  TubeNinja.net

TubeNinja will make you nostalgic for millennials’ childhood cartoons Ninja Turtles. They saved the country from crime and Tube Ninja saves you from your time. It helps in quickly downloading streaming audio or video. It works effortlessly on your computer and smartphone.


If you are way too suspicious about downloading plugins and extensions to get access to a file, then Tube Ninja is made for you. It supports over 80 streaming sites. Even if there is some site that is not supported by TubeNinja, you can simply put its link on the website’s system and it will find your file anyway. Magical, no? If you wanna download it while watching a video or listening to some music, use the bookmark technique. Just add out the “Ninja it”-button from our top menu to your bookmarks bar.

Click it every time you want a hassle-free experience. YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Vine are securely supported by TubeNinja.

11.  Vaporous YouTube Downloader

Vaporous YouTube Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos through plenty of sources on your Windows or Mac PCs. It lets you appreciate YouTube videos without even being connected to the internet. It supports HD and Ultra HD videos. It lets you download a YouTube video in MP3 or MP4 format hassle-free.

It’s pretty easy to use. Just copy the YouTube URL and CLICK on the download button to save your video. Videos can be saved as MP4, 3GP or FLV.

12.  H2converter

H2converter.com, an easy to access YouTube converter, helps you in converting YouTube videos over to sound (mp3) or video (mp4). Don’t worry! You can download them too.


Every converted video and audio are compatible with all gadgets, including tablets, cell phones, workstations, and personal computers. It converts all your favourite most videos over to the best quality. What else? It is amazingly free.

You can download your YouTube video by copying the YouTube URL and choosing the desired format. When the conversion is finished, you can also easily download the video.

13.  Pointmp3

It’s a hub of mp3. Pointmp3 is an online tool that converts over YouTube tracks to mp3 format. It is easy to use and famous among online users. It responds away at every significant stage and is extremely responsive. You don’t have to copy the URL in this case, just mention what you want and Pointmp3 will serve it hot and tempting.

It is known for being the best site to change YouTube videos over to MP3 and free downloads. It offers a free service and let its users download as many audio files as they want!

14.  Quickest Video Downloader

As its name suggests, you can quickly download and combine different videos on the quickest video downloader. This downloader is super easy and offers the quickest downloading speeds.

This video downloader is basic and clear. It offers overall similar capacities and components like the video downloaders for workstations and PCs. Quickest Video Downloader has a browser so clients can explore the videos easy from their browser, besides opening multiple sites.


Videovor Features

Videovor offers interesting features for those looking to download videos from YouTube and other platforms. Here are some of the features of videovor YouTube download tool.

Videovor Mp4 Downloader

Videovor allows you to download videos in Mp4 format. Just copy the link of the video from YouTube and paste it into the tool and you can download the video. You can also select the quality of the video and save in your device.

Videovor Mp3 Downloader

If you want to downloader YouTube videos in Mp3 format, you can do so with videovor mp3 downloader. Just copy the link of the video and paste it in the tool. It will give you the option to download the video as an Mp3 audio.

Videovor Telecharger Video YouTube

You can use the videovor telecharger tool to download videos from YouTube. It allows you to do so in various formats.

Videovor Convertisseur YouTube

Videovor can work as a convertisseur for YouTube. You can take any video URL and it can convert it to other formats.

Videovor Reddit

Many people head over to Reddit to seek information on various topics. If you are looking for information related to videovor reddit, you can search it on the platform. You can get useful insights about the tool.


Frequently Asked Questions about Videovor

What is Videovor Video Downloader?

Videovor Video Downloader is a tool that allows users to download videos from various websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

What do Videovor Reviews Tell us About the Software? 

If you are looking for videovor review, you can search on Google about this. One of the most popular sites Trustpilot has average rating for videovor. There are two reviews on the sites. It has 3.5/5 rating.

Is Videovor Video Downloader free to use?

Yes, Videovor Video Downloader is completely free to use and doesn’t require any registration or payment.

Can I download videos from any website using Videovor Video Downloader?

No, Videovor Video Downloader is not able to download videos from every website. However, it supports a wide range of popular websites and is constantly adding new ones.

Is it legal to use Videovor Video Downloader to download videos?

It depends on the website’s terms of service and copyright laws in your country. Generally, downloading videos for personal use is considered legal in many countries, but distributing or selling downloaded videos without permission may be illegal.

How do I download videos using Videovor Video Downloader?

To download a video using Videovor Video Downloader, simply copy the video URL from the website, paste it into the downloader’s input box, and click “Download”. The video will be saved to your device.

Can I choose the video quality when downloading with Videovor Video Downloader?

Yes, Videovor Video Downloader allows you to choose from different video qualities such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, and more depending on the available options for the video you are downloading.

Is Videovor Video Downloader available for all platforms?

Videovor Video Downloader is a web-based tool, which means it can be used on any device with a web browser and an internet connection. There is no need to install any software.

Is Videovor Video Downloader safe to use?

As with any online tool, there is always a risk of malware or viruses. However, Videovor Video Downloader doesn’t require any downloads or installations, so the risk is minimal. It’s also recommended to use an antivirus program and only download videos from trusted sources.

What should I do if Videovor Video Downloader is not working?

If Videovor Video Downloader is not working, try checking your internet connection, clearing your browser cache, and disabling any browser extensions. If the issue persists, contact the Videovor support team for assistance.

How do I convert videos downloaded with Videovor Video Downloader to other formats?

Videovor Video Downloader only downloads videos in their original format. To convert the video to another format, you will need to use a separate video conversion tool or software. There are many free and paid options available online.



Videovor and the big list of alternatives have different features and capacities. All of them are based on what you would love. This list is made to make you an MP3, MP4 converter and downloader’s good experience. A few of them might support ads but most of them are relevant and easy to use. So tell us which one is going to be your go-to video downloader/converter?

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