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10 Categories of Videos Indispensable for Every Company

10 Categories of Videos Indispensable for Every Company

According to Forbes, viewers retain 95% of the content if they consume it through a video compared to 10% when reading a simple text. Videos have already become a norm and if you want your business to thrive, adding them to the website or social media accounts is a must.

Along the way, you won’t do without editing software and professional instruments that will help to create modern and good-looking content. But the first stage is to choose the right type of videos. Below, we will introduce you to ten categories and answer the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Product Videos

Every business that sells products or provides services needs to explain to customers what they offer. For this reason, they should have product videos. These videos show the features and advantages of the product or service, explain how they work, and answer common questions. When you make videos of this kind, you kill two birds with one stone: increase brand awareness and create stronger bonds with the customers. The best product videos are clear and informative.

Usually, the process of creating such content reaches 3-5 hours, including scriptwriting and editing. The final length shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes so as not to bore the audience.

  1. Promotional Videos

Online events are the new norm, so to convince users that they need to spend their free time joining your event, you should be very persuasive. Promotional videos act like personal invitations to webinars, conferences, discussions, interviews, and so on. They should also include a call to action and a motivation to join. For example, a sign-up gift, enumeration of advantages, or launch of a brand-new product.

Depending on the event, the production may take from an hour to several days. To speed up the process, you can use free video editing software. As a rule, promotional videos are 2-3 minutes long.

  1. Company Culture Videos

Videos on corporate culture give viewers a chance to take a look behind the scenes and learn more about your company. We are sure that this type of video is the easiest to make. Just record the next Secret Santa party, pasta-making competition, or Thursday book club. These videos can also be a part of your recruiting strategy, as they show potential employees that your company is a great place to work at.

You will need not more than a few hours to make company culture videos, and their length may vary depending on the content.

  1. Sales Presentations

A sales presentation aims to persuade the audience to take action. For example, to purchase a product or order a service. As a rule, such presentations take place in the form of email correspondence or video calls. But to improve the performance, save time, and give a boost to your sales, such presentations can be made in the form of a video.

They are also irreplaceable for companies that work globally and want to avoid inconveniences of different time zones. Sales presentations usually last 2-3 minutes and include basic information, answers to the common questions, and a call to action.

  1. Explainer Videos

Explainer or educational videos teach your customer base how to solve a particular problem. For example, how to use a product, change the settings, and so on. By the end of such a video, users need to have enough information and knowledge to solve the issue. Explainer clips are great for blogs and social media. Together with scriptwriting and using an online video editor, they may take 1-2 days to create.

  1. Social Videos

While investing in your website is a good idea, don’t forget about social media because Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the driving force of promotion. To increase the time spent on-site, you need to engage the audience with sweet, informative, and short videos. And the best part is that you don’t need to create brand-new clips. Just use previously made product or promotional videos, edit, and add them to your social media accounts. Such videos usually take only several hours to produce and should last less than a minute. Remember, when scrolling the feed, social media users don’t have time for lengthy videos.

  1. Personalized Videos

These videos will surely become a breath of fresh air in the modern video industry. With their help, you can easily surprise customers, and they will gladly share on social platforms and through email.

Personalized videos contain personal details and allow creating stronger bonds with the audience. To make such a clip, you will need the name of the customer and their photo or avatar. Make a personal greeting or invitation and see how easy it is to stand from the crowd. The production time is rather short if you create video templates in advance.

  1. Testimonial Videos

It is not a secret that one of the most effective ways to boost sales is word of mouth. We all surf for testimonials and reviews before ordering a product. That is why testimonial videos should be on your to-do list. They show how your goods and services change lives and build trust with new customers.

You no longer need to wait for the best time to post testimonial videos because modern algorithms concentrate on quality and engagement, not time of the day. To put these videos together, be ready to spend 2-3 days. As a rule, testimonial videos are 5-10 minutes long.

  1. Full-length Videos

Considering that the audience is extremely loyal to video content, you should think about creating documentaries, full-length films, or even TV series about the brand, products, or industry. For example, if you are engaged in software development, consider shooting a movie about the development of the industry or cybersecurity issues. But keep in mind that these should be professional-like videos involving a team of experts: producers, directors, set designers, prop masters, and so on.

The production of full-length videos may take 6 months or even more. Video length varies between 40 minutes and 120 minutes.

  1. Teaser Videos

Users consume digital content through multiple channels: official websites, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. That is why to reach as many customers as possible, you need to be present on various social media. And there is no need to shoot various videos for each of them.

For example, the main content can live on your company’s website and its teasers – on side platforms. You can tease all types of content – podcasts, live streams, blog posts, webinars, and so on. Depending on the goal of your campaign and the target website, the production of teaser videos may take from several minutes to a couple of hours. They should be under one minute long.

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