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How to Get Secret TikTok Emojis? List of Hidden Emoji Codes

How to Get Secret TikTok Emojis List of Hidden Emoji Codes

Have you left the ‘TikTok Secret Emoji World’ unexplored? TikTok can be called a Sea when it comes to surprises. TikTok is such an app that has always been under hot waters for everything it has done. Not just in one region, it is banned and unbanned over time in different regions.

In the US, TikTok grabbed the attention of the public after former-president Donald Trump alarmed the app-creators about its ban all over the country. TikTok has got popular for its creativity but infamous for concerns over user data and significant bad trends.

Nobody can oppose the fact that TikTok can be super-addictive and you can’t lay your eyes off them. People whose screen time shows hours invested over TikTok can tell you the famous hacks, dance moves, and even the latest soundtracks. These trends never die.

But did you know that some TikTok emoji codes can take you to some crazy TikTok emoji list?  There are around 50 different TikTok emoticons that are yet to be discovered by you. Don’t think that either of them is on iOS or Android. All TikTok emojis are unique and amazing. Here is a sneak peek at all those emojis.

How to Get TikTok Emojis?

You must have heard us saying TikTok emoji codes? You heard us right. Don’t worry, it’s not technical but a colorful experience. All you have to do is type the code for the emoji in the typing in between square brackets. When you’ll press the “Space” button, the text will turn into an image. Easy, right?

However, there are two different styles you can pick up from:

  1. Traditional style emoji
  2. A cartoon creature with multiple different facial expressions.

Plus, there look exactly similar in both operating systems. So don’t worry, no change would be made in your friend’s iPhone and android phone. However, you’ll look super cool!

Following are the list of Tiktok Emoji Codes in both styles

Tradition Style Emoji Cartoon Facial Expression Feature
[smile] [hehe]
[funnyface] [smileface]
[sulk] [joyful]
[wicked] [proud]
[speechless] [pride]
[facewithrollingeyes] [laugh]
[scream] [loveface]
[thinking] [nap]
[laughwithtears] [awkward]
[weep] [shock]
[drool] [angel]
[complacent] [cool]
[yummy] [evil]
[wronged] [astonish]
[flushed] [rage]
[embarrassed] [excited]
[surprised] [blink]
[shout] [disdain]
[angry] [stun]
[happy] [cute]
[lovely] [wow]
[cry] [tears]
[greedy] [slap]

We know that adding a Creative oomph to your TikTok accounts is a trend nowadays. It isn’t an app that uses these complex ways to put on custom emojis. Likewise other social media platforms, it has their code for emojis too. However, this twist is to bring the creative side of users.

Guess what? These emojis will appear the same on iOS and Android, so they won’t look odd on either of the operating systems. TikTok has not shared the official guide towards these Secret emojis hacks, plus they never showed their purpose.

We know that you want to look different and unique. These emojis can be easily accessed by entering these codes. But you might need to memorize them. To avoid any hassle or memory loss during an important post, bookmark this article! Once, you’ll get used to using them you might become king/queen of the TikTok world!

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