If you are a brand or business, probably you want to create some buzz on social media. Facebook is one of the most popular sites for brand and business promotion. Digital marketing is important for your brand or business if you want to make money. In case you decide to follow the traditional way of getting likes and followers, it can take much time and effort to get significant results. But, many companies are offering services likes buy Facebook likes, post likes, Facebook followers, and many others to help brands and businesses to boost their online presence.

Nowadays, the strength of your brand or business is also measured by numbers on your social media profiles.

Importance of Buying Facebook Likes

If you want to search, you can find many sites online selling Facebook likes and followers UK. It is not easy to find the perfect place for UK Facebook likes. However, it is clear that if you are just starting on Facebook, you need all the help that you can get.

Having a small page with no followers and likes can make it difficult for you to make any significant gain on Facebook. So, you need to find the perfect site. But, finding the right site is something that needs some research.

Doing some research before purchasing Facebook likes UK can help you if you are looking for the perfect website.

Best Places to Buy Facebook Followers and Likes

Ready to buy? Here are some sites which you can use to purchase Facebook followers and likes.

Get Some Likes


When you land on their website, you get an idea of what this website is about. Get Some Like is a leading provider for UK Facebook likes and followers. They have gained popularity over time. A variety of packages are available on their website. These include Facebook page likes, post likes, and others.

The pricing of the packages is reasonable as compared to other websites in this industry. Dedicated customers support service is another major advantage that you have if you decide to buy from Get Some Likes. Send an email or chat with them on their website.

When it comes to reliable service for Facebook followers, Get Some Likes is a big name you should not ignore. It provides high quality Facebook friends UK.


Here is the pricing list for Facebook likes packages:

100 Facebook Likes for £5
100 Facebook Likes for £9
100 Facebook Likes for £15
100 Facebook Likes for £29
100 Facebook Likes for £60
100 Facebook Likes for £80
100 Facebook Likes for £150
100 Facebook Likes for £250

The Best Followers

The Best Followers- Facebook Likes

The Best Followers mainly provides Instagram followers and likes. They provide multiple packages on their website which can help you get a significant boost on social media. It is not limited to Instagram, you can buy likes and followers for Facebook as well.

They are what their name suggests, one of the best service providers for Facebook likes. No matter if you are a new business or an old one, you can buy Facebook services from them. It will give a huge boost to your profile.

Another major advantage of buying followers from The Best followers is that you can contact their customers’ support service anytime. You can ask them for help. You can ask questions, and then find answers related to your queries.


Here is the pricing list for the packages.

100 Facebook Followers for £3.00
500 Facebook Followers for £4
1000 Facebook Followers for £7
2000 Facebook Followers for £13
5000 Facebook Followers for £25
10k Facebook Followers for £50
25k Facebook Followers for £115
50k Facebook Followers for £210


Hit Follow

Hit Follow is one of the fastest services when it comes to buying likes and followers. You can find packages of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Delivery is fast so you can get what you ordered in a few hours.

If you are looking for a long-term solution for your social media needs, you can find it in the form of Hit Follow. Services you buy can increase the credibility of your profile.
It is recommended to choose gradual delivery as it can make the whole process look natural.


Buy Real Likes

If you are a fresh brand, business, or company you need to establish yourself on social media. You need a quick boost so others can notice you. You get it from Buy Real Likes. Looking for a reliable solution to make you look likes an established brand or business, Buy Real Likes offers many packages for you.

Social media is a place where many businesses come to build their brand. For a new business, it is essential to build a presence starting from the ground and growing up. It is where Buy Real Likes can help you.
Whatever you need for the promotion of your Facebook profile, they can offer. It can be Facebook followers and likes package or social media marketing services. You can contact them to get your profile boosted.

Social Viral

One of the most popular social media providers in this list is Social Viral. If you have done some research, probably you have already heard about Social Viral. It offers social media services for individuals, brands, and businesses.
It is a highly recommended service if you are serious about buying Instagram and Facebook followers and likes.
So here is the list of some of the best sites to buy Facebook likes UK. It will help you to buy from the best when it comes to Facebook followers and likes. There are many companies which you need to stay away from and it is why it is a good reference list for you.

Boost Likes

Boost Likes is a social media boost agency that aims to bring more followers and likes to your social media profiles. It provides social media marketing services for popular social media channels likes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. Facebook likes and followers are also part of its services.

In terms of Facebook likes and followers, the company offers Facebook likes UK, Facebook profile followers, Facebook video views, Facebook post/photo/status likes. Currently, the website of the company states they are not providing UK Facebook likes for now. Instead, users can buy global Facebook likes.

The time of Facebook likes starts from a few minutes to hours. They claim your likes will start increasing after you place the order.

Buy Facebook Page Likes UK Packages:

250 FB Page Likes for £2.99

500 FB Page Likes for ££8.99

1000 FB Page Likes for £13.99

2000 FB Page Likes for £24.99

3000 FB Page Likes for £34.99

5000 FB Page Likes for £59.99

10,000 FB Page Likes for £99.99

25,000 Fb Page Likes for £199.99

50,0000 FB Page Likes for £399.99

Buy Followers

Buy Followers is one of the oldest social media services providers in the UK and globally. It claims to provide real UK Facebook likes with mega fast delivery. The company claims to be the cheapest Facebook likes service in the market.
It is a good service for you because they claim to be providing instant delivery of Facebook likes. They offer real active users that like your account. In addition to these perks, they claim to provide the best possible support in case you need any help.

Packages and Pricing:
The company provides affordable packages for Facebook likes. Here is the list of packages provided by the company.

Buy Facebook Post Likes UK Packages:

100 Facebook Post Likes for £2.99 with BONUS: 10 Likes

250 Facebook Post Likes for £3.99 with BONUS: 25 Likes

500 Facebook Post Likes for £4.99 with BONUS: 50 Likes

1000 Facebook Post Likes for £8.99 with BONUS: 100 Likes

2500 Facebook Post Likes for £19.99 with BONUS: 250 Likes

5000 Facebook Post Likes for £39.99 with BONUS: 500 Likes

10 000 Facebook Post Likes for £74.99 with BONUS: 1000 Likes

25 000 Facebook Post Likes for £149.99 with BONUS: 2500 Likes

Buy Facebook Fans UK Packages:

100 Facebook Fans for £2.99 with BONUS: 10 Fans

500 Facebook Fans for £3.99 with BONUS: 50 Fans

1000 Facebook Fans for £6.99 with BONUS: 100 Fans

2000 Facebook Fans for £12.99 with BONUS: 200 Fans

5000 Facebook Fans for £24.99 with BONUS: 500 Fans

10 000 Facebook Fans for £49.99 with BONUS: 1000 Fans

25 000 Facebook Fans for £114.99 with BONUS: 2500 Fans

50 000 Facebook Fans for £209.99 with BONUS: 5000 Fans

Greedier Social Media

Greedier Social Media is one of the leading UK social media followers and likes providers. It offers a wide range of services for individuals, brands, and businesses. The company provides social media services for many social media channels. For Facebook, Facebook likes, provides UK/USA Facebook likes and other services.
It is easy to order FB likes from Greedier Social Media as the company has described a three-step process for purchasing likes on Facebook. First, select your package and provide Facebook username/link. In the next step, upload your first image and get instant Facebook page likes. At the final step, checkout easily with and safely with PayPal.

Packages and Pricing:

Greedier Social Media offers a variety of packages with affordable pricing.

100 fb page likes for £3.99

250 fb page likes for £6.99

500 fb page likes for £9.99

1000 fb page likes for £19.99

2500 fb page likes for £44.99

5000 fb page likes for £79.99

Doctor SEO

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for social media marketing and other services, Doctor SEO should be one of your favorites. The website of the company has many social media services for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. In addition to these services, it also offers other services like search engine optimization, backlinks, website traffic, etc.
The website claims to offer the UK only Facebook likes if you want to buy Facebook likes from the United Kingdom. You can buy Facebook likes for your page or post. The pricing is affordable as it offers only a few packages which are 100 Facebook Likes (13.90€) and 200 Facebook Likes (24.90€). You can contact them if you want to get more likes on Facebook.


SocLikes has a unique design which makes it easy to purchase Facebook followers and likes. It offers a variety of packages for individuals, brands, and businesses looking to make a splash on social media. The company realizes the challenges of purchasing likes online, so it has described the reasons why it is a good company to get FB likes and followers.
It has a chatbox which makes it easy to ask questions about the service. The company claims it offers good discounts for the buyers. UK followers purchased from SocLikes show efficiency in less than 24 hours and bring permanent positive results. The order process is easy and you can find a guide on the website.


Here is the list of UK Facebook followers packages:

Buy Facebook Followers UK Packages:

$9.99 for 100 UK Facebook Followers

$29.99 for 1000 UK Facebook Followers

$69.99 for 3000 UK Facebook Followers

$99.99 for 5000 UK Facebook Followers

$154.99 for 10000 UK Facebook Followers

$349.99 for 25000 UK Facebook Followers

$674.99 for 50000 UK Facebook Followers

Social Media Core

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Millions of users visit this network daily. It is not the only favorite for individuals, brands and businesses are also leveraging this social media to promote theory products or services. Your target audience may be also hanging out on Facebook. So, it makes sense to get more followers and likes on Facebook.
Social Media Core is one of the popular social media marketing agencies offering a wide range of social media services. It is a good platform for you who want to buy likes safely and securely. It has many packages and you can select any according to your needs.

VIP Likes

VIP likes is one of the biggest service providers for Facebook. It has many Facebook services for those looking to purchase. The services include Buy Facebook likes global, United Kingdom Facebook likes, Facebook followers, Facebook friends, Facebook comments, Facebook group joins, Facebook fan page post share, Facebook emoticons post likes, Facebook video views, Facebook 5 start text reviews, Facebook likes of post/photo and Facebook events.

Buying likes for your Facebook page or picture is important for you if you want to get boost on social media. It will show you a credible person, company, or brand in front of your audience. You can make more out of your social media efforts and ultimately increase your profit. However, it is recommended to keep posting regularly to get more likes.

Buy More Fans

If you are looking for real growth for your Facebook page, you should check the services of buymorefans. This company offers many other services. It claims to the likes are from people living in the UK. The company guarantees that if some people unlike your page they will give e you free likes. Get risk-free and safe services for your Facebook page and take your social media presence to the next level.

Social Followers Pro

If you are looking for social media followers and likes instead of only Facebook likes and followers, this website is for you. Even though you can take an idea from its name, it is good at its work. The website of the company describes the importance of buying Facebook likes and followers. It offers some good tips for optimizing your profile.


Here is pricing for Facebook services. You can find on the website.

100 Facebook Followers for £3.99

500 Facebook Followers for £6.99

1000 Facebook Followers for £9.99

2500 Facebook Followers for £20.99

100 Facebook Post/Picture Likes for £1.99

250 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £2.99

500 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £4.99

1000 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £7.99

2000 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £13.99

3000 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £19.99

5000 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £29.99

10000 Facebook Post /Picture Likes for £54.99

If you think we have missed something, comment below.

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