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How to get “Where is your soulmate filter” on Instagram?

Where is Your Soulmate Filter on Instagram

Have you ever fantasized about your soulmate? Do you think a lot about your soulmate? Wondering where your soulmate is right now? It is possible they may be on the other side of the world, or in your neighborhood and you may not know it.

If you have encountered thoughts where your soulmate is, you are in the right place. The soulmate radar filter tells where your soulmate is in this moment, or even what they are doing.

What is the soulmate filter (Soulmate Radar) on Instagram?


This filter about finding about your soulmate is called “soulmate radar”. It tells you where your soulmate is. This fitler was released by Erikasnacks in April 2020. After its relae, it has now become a trend. People use this filter to know about their soulmate. In other words, they run a radar system to find about the soulmate.

This awesome fitler gives a number of different answers like: ‘’660 miles away” and “walking in the wrong direction.” Sometimes it gives helpful answers like “right behind you” or “under your nose”.

So many people are looking for ways to unlock this filter. Here are some ways you can unlock soulmate filter on Instagram.

“Where is your soulmate filter” on Instagram?

Method 1:

It is easy and straightforward by using a direct link to the filter. This will work for almost any mobile. Open this post on mobile and click on the below give link. It will open on your Instagram app.

Click for instagram soulmate filter

Method 2:

Another easy way to use this filter is by visiting the profile of Erikasnacks. Simply go to this url, click on lenses tab, Open the video, which is created using this filter. Now click on try it. It is a simple and straightforward method.

Method 3:

  • Open Instagram app and visit stories
  • Clikc on your face to activate filters
  • Reach at the end of the filters and click on the icon called “browse effects”
  • Search for “ERIKASNACKS“, and scroll through the filter until you find soulmate radar filter
  • Select this filter and click “Try it Now”
  • As a final step hit record and find out where your soulmate is.


Instagram soulmate filter may not be accurate but it can give some potential outcomes. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. At least you will find some moments of joy.

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