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What is the Old Grannies Meme On TikTok? Old Granny Trend

What is the Old Grannies Meme On TikTok

TikTok is one of the leading social media apps. It has many interesting features for individuals, brands, and businesses. Among other things, trends on TikTok spread so fast. One user shares something which gets passed to the other and it goes on. So is happening with the old grannies trend aka the old granny meme.

Old granny is a TikTok meme that tricks users into searching for something which they will find disturbing. Suppose someone tells you to do a google search for something and you get something that does not make you happy.

How People Are Spreading Old Grannies Meme?

People are pranking others by telling them to search for old grannies on Google. The style is something like ‘old grannies’. please – don’t do it!

What is Mystery Behind Old Granny Meme?

If you search on google for old grannies, the search results will bring many explicit photos of elderly people. You may think that seeing old people’s pictures is normal. So, go to google and search old grannies.

Here are some tweets about the old granny trend.

Here is another tweet.

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