What does CFS Mean on Instagram

Let’s admit we all are addicted to Social media, especially Instagram. Without using Instagram, our days are colorless and bland. Now we must know all the slang and codes used in any application. It will increase the fun and experience of users. Every social media has shortcuts and code words, like Facebook or TikTok. Instagram also has a set of codes that helps users to operate their accounts effectively.

CFS is a famous term used in the Instagram world. It means “Close Friends Story”. This term means a story that only close friends and followers can see. Not all the followers have access to it. This feature ensures the privacy of its users. It also gave its users control that who can and who cannot view their content.

Most of us are running an active life on Instagram. Some of us are even operating our businesses on it as well. When you have a diverse audience, then you have to be very careful putting any content or picture. If you are living a very private moment, you cannot share that on your public profile. This feature helps you to choose with whom you want to share your intimate moment.

One of the prominent advantages of this feature is that it draws a clear line between your personal and professional life. Trust me; this is a big relief for any business person. You may save yourself from many judgments from irrelevant people or followers’ comments. Because of this option, you do not have to set up more than one account on Instagram.

How to Create CFS on Instagram?

Now you have all the information about CFS and its advantages. Another amazing thing is it is super easy to create a CFS list. You just have to follow a few steps.

  1. Open your Instagram account, and then click on the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap the menu button and search for the close friend’s option.
  3. All the names of your followers appear, you just have to tap on the names you want to add to in close friends list.
  4. You can add as many friends as you want.
  5. A green circle will appear whenever you post stories for close friends only.
  6. If you want to exclude people, just tap on minus sign.
  7. After selecting names, just tap on done bar, and you have your close friends list ready.


Super easy and convenient to use this feature. Instagram always make sure that its users share the best moment of their lives freely and happily. One of the appealing parts is rest of the users will never know that there is some exclusive list. The only sign is that green circle around your story, and that will appear only to your close friends only. It will keep you discreet as well.




In a world full of no privacy and no discretion. This option is like a warm breeze. It will help you to manage your business or normal Instagram account. Other than that you can live your cheerful moments with your buddies as well. There would be no bombardment of comments, Direct messages, or advice. CFS is a savior for many social media users.

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