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Innocence Test: What is the Rice Purity Test on TikTok? How Innocent Are You?

Innocence Test What is the Rice Purity Test on TikTok

What is innocence test on TikTok and Buzzfeed? Read this post to know more.

Since the pandemic has gotten over our nerves, different social media platforms are coming up with interesting ideas. Back in the 1980s, there used to be the famous “Rice Purity Test”. It was an engaging survey based on what you have done and what you have not. That survey was used to calculate “How innocent you are?” Sound Interesting, right? People dug into that old-school trend and came up with its latest version. It got fame with the “Innocence Test” as it determines one’s innocence level. There is a series of 100 questions that relates to different vices which people do for fun. It begins with the question “been on a date”. It follows with “been in a relationship”, and so on. It also resembles the famous teen’s game “Never have I ever”. This latest trend has made its entrance on TikTok and BuzzFeed, and people can’t get over it.

Innocence Test TikTok – Rice Purity Test

After realizing that Rice Purity Test is extremely outdated, two TikTokers named @50shades_of_grace and @ellemn0 created this test. It immediately got the attention of other users. Within 24 hours, there were more than 1 million people who gave the test. To complete the test, people were supposed to “Tick” what they have done. If you haven’t done any such adventure, you are supposed to leave that box unticked. In the end, TikTok calculates the number of statements you have ticked. What makes this test crazy is the nickname that is gifted by the app. Who doesn’t want to be called “Wild” or “Angel”? These titles are followed by its description.

Innocence Test has taken TikTok by storm. However, there is one downside: It is a long test. However, interesting questions keeps you going and you can’t even resist. It sounds a bit creepy that a test that was made to investigate people about sex, drugs, and crime has become a trend. Relating to people’s craze of TikTok, the trend makers have displayed the caution tape. It says that Innocence Test isn’t some kind of a bucket list or something you are missing out on. Instead, it’s a test and the creators do not endorse that behaviour. The warning at the end is followed by “Enjoy”. We are enjoying it. Giving it a geeky touch with Scientific “Rice Purity Test”, it seems more promising.

Buzzfeed Innocence Test

A similar test series goes on Buzz Feed with the title “Are You Innocent or Do You Have a Dirty Mind?” Innocence Test Buzz Feed follows the website’s raunchy way of making a survey. It shows a question and multiple options. Now you must be thinking that you might need to log into TikTok or Buzz Feed for testing your innocence. Let us make it easier for you. The Innocence Test website will get you covered with its user-friendly interface. Innocence Test 100 questions will appear there and all you have to do is a tick or untick. So tell us, have you ever paid for a premium version of a dating app?

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