What does WWG1WGA Mean

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In the era of Internet slang, we have been introduced to many weird words as well. In 2018, we came across the slang “WWG1WGA”. Too long for slang, right? The acronym is “Where We Go One, We Go All”. The intriguing part is, this slang means a “Sheep”. The right-wing extremists of the US called those people sheep who puts a blindfold when it comes to government orders. The significance of sheep was its nature of following the crowd. They are herded into groups and go wherever they are asked to go. It is not limited to it. A sheep following a shepherd without asking is logical “Sheep’s Nature”. However, people following a person with no rational reason is called hypocrisy and that is where the truth lies.

The indication of this slang is entirely “Political”. WWG1WG came into use during a Twitter war in 2018. It earned fame among the right-wing extremists. Initially, it was introduced as a hashtag on social media platforms by QAnon. That group is based on racist and anti-Semitic right-wing conspiracy theorists with a leader. The suspicious thing is, their leader is allegedly a US government official. Rumours are, the former national security advisor to Michael Flynn to John F. Kennedy Jr. is the leader of that infamous group.

That was the era of Donald Trump, who was among the notorious presidents of America.  According to that infamous group, there were some villainous plans of the deep state against the former president. They thought that there is some conspiracy by the state to discredit him in front of the American people. They made “WWG1WGA” an umbrella hashtag. It gave them a free space to discuss and share possible conspiracy theories. The anti-Semitic group hoped that “WWG1WGA” will help them in revealing the deep state’s plans to the public. They took Twitter and made the following hashtags a trend:

  • “The deep state controls everything. #WWG1WGA”
  • “I am not a sheep. #WWG1WGA”
  • “QAnon fights for freedom. Join us. #WWG1WGA”

This acronym become a famous slang on Twitter and people couldn’t stop themselves. BBC reported in its news story that Donald Trump supporters have the craze for WWG1WGA. They even printed shirts, banners, and signs, with the exact slogan. This slogan didn’t restrict itself to Twitter. It gained popularity on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even TikTok. Many memes can be seen with the acronym. Even the famous Asian K-Pop stars started their positive use on TikTok.

The gossip is, the search term “WWG1WGA” got banned and popularity drastically declined. Videos featuring this term were removed, and the trend got vanished. The statistics of this term shows a real slump, as the popularity of the term dropped to 7% only. During the 2020 election, when President Joe Biden took the oath. This trend again got up to 50% from its original popularity but soon bit the dust. The anonymity of QAnon is still intact but the term “WWG1WGA” may emerge again. Let’s see what it brings in the future!

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