Digital Shelf Analytics: The New Kid on The eEommerce Block

Digital Shelf Analytics The New Kid on The eEommerce Block

Digital shelf is the crux of digital shelf analytics and the digital shelf is where the products are listed to be sold. For many brands, the major digital shelf is the search results where products are displayed on top of the page. When a user searches for a particular product, several product listings along with their name, price, and website are displayed. This is the digital shelf. The better the ranking on it, the better visibility your products have and the higher the chances that they will purchase your product. Other examples include like this include an eCommerce channel, retailer’s website, and a third-party marketplace where products are listed and displayed.


What is digital shelf analytics?


With an absence of proper tracking and monitoring, you cannot tell how well your products are doing online. You can no longer rely on manual methods of data collection because it is impossible to get it done. It is way too labor-intensive and prone to human errors. There are thousands of products to take into account when it comes to eCommerce, and this simply cannot be done manually. With digital shelf analytics, this becomes easier and faster. You get an automated software solution that does the online data collection for you while also unveiling some incredible insights that you can use to make decisions about your products. It shelf analytics is a major boon to eCommerce as it can unlock growth.


Digital shelf analytics is an ongoing process because you can’t work in a ‘set it and forget it’ way. Just like every element that is related to change, it requires constant monitoring and tracking of eCommerce data so you can derive great value from it. The volume of eCommerce data is increasing as new businesses come on board, product categories increase in the space, and phenomenal changes occur within a short span. To stay up to speed with all this, it is vital as the manual way is just not viable. Digital shelf analytics has mainly to do with the product pages because it gives insights into how well your products are doing online.


Why does digital shelf analytics matter?


Digital shelf analytics help you evaluate your performance in different places where your products are being displayed. You can only improve your performance when you know what your current performance is. Digital shelf analytics gives you insights into your performance so you know where improvements can be made and where you are doing well. Your performance can vary from marketplace to marketplace. For instance, your products might be buried towards the second page or third page on Amazon while you may be listed high up on another seller’s page. With digital shelf analytics, performance measurement and improvement are possible.


You can discover new opportunities with an intuitive digital shelf analytics software  that were otherwise not obvious at all. You want to always be ahead of your competitors and you can gain competitive advantage with digitalshelfanalytics. Digital shelf analytics enables you to tap into opportunities you may have missed otherwise. Let us say that your competitor has increased the price of a product. You can take advantage of the situation by lowering your product price to get an edge over your competitor and improve your sales on that platform. Digitalshelfanalytics gives you actionable insights so you can make the best use of the data in real time.


Digitalshelfanalytics improves your visibility. Your customers cannot purchase your products unless they are aware of the existence of your products. You can increase your product visibility with it which in turn improves your online presence. As more people know about your products, purchase them and buy them, your ranking will improve. With the help of digitalshelfanalytics, you can truly understand what needs to be optimized in your product pages so you are in front of the people who are searching for products that you sell. Product page optimization is the way to improve rankings on SERPs.


Another benefit of digital shelf analytics software is better conversions. When you are visible, your conversions are more likely to increase because more people are able to view your products on search results. The analytics provide a window for you whereby you can compare conversion rates so you know how you fare in different places where your products are listed. For instance, you might be having better luck in certain marketplaces rather than others which means you need to improve your product pages in those lower performing areas. Digitalshelf analytics allows for comparison to take place so you can then quickly make changes for better performance.


Why businesses should consider digital shelf analytics software


Digital shelf analytics software is essential now that eCommerce has become a major part of everyone’s life. An all-encompassing digital shelf analytics software is critical for a brand’s success. For instance, it isn’t just about product descriptions. You need to ensure you are targeting the right SKUs and keywords so your products can rank high compared to others in the same category. You need to factor in and monitor customer feedback so you can make improvements and show up on the first page of SERPs when they search. Digitalshelfanalytics gives you insights that make sense to your business so you can make positive changes that improve your conversions.


It is imperative that you get a digital shelf analytics software solution after proper research because it will have a major impact on your online business. If there is one section that is constantly evolving, then it has to be eCommerce. To stay ahead with the changing environment, you need a digital shelf analytics software that is always up-to-date. With an in-depth solution like Intelligence Node, you can do so much more than rule the eCommerce world. For example, you can analyze customer ratings, you can optimize product descriptions, and you can improve your product visibility. All this for better product rankings on search results and higher conversions.

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