What Torches Are Best for Security Guards

The last thing you want is to be in the dark when security is on the line! If you’re a security guard or run a security agency, investing in quality torches is a clever choice.


Security torches: Some safety considerations

Security torches are one of the most important tools in a security guard’s arsenal. For optimal safety on the job, torches should offer excellent visibility, be durable, and boast a long battery life.


When buying new torches for your security agency, you should always consider safety aspects first. Look out for features that will make a security guard’s job easier, like easily replaceable batteries, bright light to increase visibility in dark areas, portability, and water resistance to protect against rain.


Not all torches are made the same. They have different brightness levels, which we measure in lumens.


Generally, a brighter torch will weigh more than a duller alternative. It will also have a shorter battery life. As such, for safety, security guards need torches that perfectly balance brightness and portability.


Why investing in the right kind of torch is crucial

For security guards, torches are irreplaceable tools, helping them protect the premises they’re guarding. However, without the right kind of torch on their belt, a security guard can’t do their job well!


Safety is always a concern for corporate security professionals. The wrong choice can lead to injuries or missed opportunities for guards working in dark, low-visibility areas. As a company, an investment in the right kind of torches also protects you from unnecessary liability and ensures workers get what they need—adequate light and protection on the job.


A torch that’s too heavy, flimsy, or weak won’t help a security guard—in fact, it could be more of a hindrance. Lugging around a big industrial flashlight isn’t practical, nor is it safe. That’s why an informed choice is essential.


Types of torches available in the market

There are three main torch types available on the market today–handheld lights, tactical torches, and headlamps.


Tactical Torches: Tactical torches are the most popular choice among security guards during night patrol. They’re small enough to hold and have a clip to attach to their belts or backpacks, allowing for easily portability. They also have a strap that allows guards to secure it on their wrists while they walk, leaving another hand free to handle weapons.


Headlamps: Headlamps feature an adjustable headband that sits over the forehead for a comfortable, hands-free light source—although the battery life is often shorter than other torch varieties.


Handheld Torches: When you think about torches, the standard handheld torch probably comes to mind. These devices provide an easy-to-carry, simple light source, perfect for offering extra visibility in dark spaces. Choose a torch with enough luminosity to light most areas without compromising on battery time.


So, what torch is best for a security guard?


The type of torch you choose for your security agency will depend on your budget and unique needs—but as a general rule, tactical torches are a great choice. They offer the perfect blend of affordability, strength, and portability, making them ideal for surveilling worksites or industrial spaces.


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