Full Send

If you do something with full effort regardless of the consequences, it is called full send. You put all your efforts and commitment to do something. This is what the slang term full send means if you are looking for the definition of full send on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on.

Origin of Full Send

The term comes from rock climbing. In these sports, a send is a run in which a climber completes a route without resting or falling. In this way it is used as delivering on a promise. So, if someone completes a run completely and flawlessly, it is called to send.

What Does Send It Slang Mean?

If you are committed to deliver on a task without caring about the consequences, it means send it.

What Does Full Send Flag Mean?

A full send flag tells everybody that you are a “full sender”. A full sender gives no attention to what happens after the send. The full sender puts in all the effort.

What Does the Expression Send it Mean?

The expression send it means that you should send the caution away and do something with full effort. Don’t care about the consequences. Just put it in all the effort.


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