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Free 5 Sites to Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes

Free - Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

Do you want to get free followers on Instagram? Are you looking for some of the best websites to get free Instagram followers? If you need free followers on Instagram, you are in the right place. Getting free insta followers is easy. Many websites are offering Instagram followers without any cost. Here you can find 5 websites that claim to offer free Instagram followers.

Getting more Instagram followers in today’s times has become necessary to establish a brand presence on Instagram. More followers mean others will consider you a trustworthy brand or business. Probably the website to increase Instagram followers is buying Instagram followers and likes, but it is also expensive. So, try websites likes free to get more followers for free.

Best Sites to Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

Here is a list of websites offering free followers.

Social Follow

The first website in this list is SocialFollow. The best thing about this free service is that you don’t need to fill out a survey or give your password to anyone to get free IG followers. Just put in your username, click the button and start getting followers.

They allow a user to get 10 followers a day that makes 300 followers for a month. SocialFollow claims the follower are not bots or fake. So, visit this website and start getting followers fast.

MR Insta Free Followers

MR Insta is a popular social media marketing services provider for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and other websites. Interested buyers can purchase social media packages for their brand or business. However, it also offers free Instagram followers.

You can boost your engagement with free Instagram followers from MR.Insta. They claim you can get targeted, high-quality free Instagram followers with this service. As they claim on their website, unlimited activations are available and that is also without any survey.

If you are not sure about their service, read reviews of other customers.

Followers Gallery – Instafollowup

Followers Gallery (instafollowup) provides free Instagram followers and likes without password or survey. It is a no-risk service and not fake. This system works by earning coins. However, your profile must be public. After you log into the app, you will be given a lot of virtual coins which you can use to get free followers and likes on Instagram.


ProjectInsta claims they are the number one place to get high-quality Instagram followers without any charge.  They allow you to get anything up to 80k followers. This service is %100 safe and they will never put your account at risk.

To get free followers and likes from ProjectInsta, there are a few steps you need to follow. Just enter your username in the space given on the website and click find my profile. In the next step select how many followers you want, and how fast, and the ProjectInsta servers will find the best followers for you. However, some users may be asked to complete a survey.


EasyGetInsta is one of the most popular websites offering free Instagram followers. It offers a different method as it gives you software to install on your android or IOS phone. Follow the instructions to get free followers for your account. If you are looking for free Instagram followers hack, EasyGetInsta is for you.

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