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How to Get a Permanently Banned Tiktok Account Back?

How to Get a Permanently Banned Tiktok Account Back

It was about the time when users were complaining about shadow banning reviews of their accounts on TikTok. But after the recent agreement, users are getting temporary or permanent bans on their accounts now. If you are a new user or have less than 500 followers, it may not affect you. But if you have a huge following and you put a lot of hard work into posting videos daily. A temporary or permanent ban can affect your self-esteem adversely.

There are three types of ban, users are facing these days

In a temporary or shadow ban, the account is banned for a few days, or in most cases, a few videos are removed, or the account stopped working for a few days only. It recovers in 2 weeks to one month max.

But in a permanent ban, your account is closed forever. You cannot log in or post any content using that username. All of your posted videos get deleted or removed from the timeline of TikTok. It is almost impossible to recover your account at this point. In this article, we will discuss all possible ways through which you can recover your permanent account easily.

Reasons for a Permanent Ban

Various reasons can ban your account permanently by TikTok. Some of them are discussed below

  • Hate speech
  • Cyberbullying
  • Nudity and adult content
  • Promoting any kind of violence or criminal
  • Promoting drugs and drugging
  • Fake news and misinformation
  • Racism
  • Using copyrighted sounds on the videos
  • All forms of spamming (follow/unfollow, uncontrolled messaging, and video
  • publishing)
  • Using third-party apps
  • Buying fake followers and fake engagement numbers
  • Using forbidden hashtags
  • Getting a report by other TikTok users for content stealing or copying
  • Abusing minors for TikTok videos
  • Movie or series spoilers
  • Underage as TikTok does not allow users less than 13 years old to make or operate a TikTok account.
  • Living in a country that bans TikTok and removed it from its cyber circle permanently.
  • Posting videos more than the allowed limit (9 videos per day)
  • Sudden increase in followers (bots)

Tiktok will assess your account and if they even find one repetitive community violation or two or more violations in one video. They will instantly ban your account from the server. Most of the accounts are banned because of underage these days.

How to Recover Your Permanently Banned Account

There are five methods you can opt to recover your account. You can try more than two methods if one is not working for you. If none worked, the last option is to make a new account and start posting videos following all community rules efficiently.

  1. Report Problem to TikTok Customer Support

The first method is to contact the support system immediately. When your account gets banned, the first thing that will get you is an email from the TikTok server. After the email, you have 24 to 48 hours to contact customer support. You have to follow the following steps to register your complaint conveniently.

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Then, go to Privacy and Settings.
  • Now, tap on the Report a Problem option given under the Support section.
  • Go to the Account and profile option.
  • Select the Profile Page and then tap on the other.
  • Tap on the Still have a problem.
  • Write down your issues in the box and explain why you believe your account shouldn’t be banned.
  • Then tap on the Report button.

It takes almost 6 to 8 hours to reach back to the user. After that, they will try their best to help their user to get back accounts immediately.

  1. Appeal Using Emails

If you miss the 48 hours limit contact customer support. You can contact me via personal email as well. Here are a few email addresses you can send your email for recovery.

Go to your Gmail and tap on composing an email. Write your query or problem regarding your TikTok account. Then send and sit back and wait for the reply. But there is more complexity in this hack. You have to email daily to register your complaint about banning. You have to do this until your account gets unbanned.

  1. Provide Your Age Proof

This is the most common hack that will work if you made your account using fake credentials. If your account gets banned accused of being underage or your age is showing less than 13 years. Just submit your government ID proof that will show that you are eligible for using all the features of TikTok easily.

  1. Use a VPN

Few countries ban TikTok permanently for different reasons. Some ban it for inappropriate content while few ban it for diplomatic relations. If you are living in such a country you cannot access your account conveniently. If this is the scenario you are facing you can opt for turning on the VPN of your device.

After this VPN will hide your IPS address and you can access blocked and banned applications easily. It may not give complete access sometimes but it will do most of the work properly. However, it’s crucial to choose the right VPN tool. Today, there are hundreds of VPNs available for iOS and Android. But, only a few of them deliver what they promise. So, make sure to do your research before choosing a VPN tool.

  1. Using a feedback form

After opening the feedback form in the browser, you need to do the following:


  • Enter the contact details. Here, enter your email address (the same one you used to create the TikTok account) and the TikTok username.
  • After providing the contact information, scroll down the form. Now, you will be asked to provide another 3 things which are topic, sub-topic, and the description of the appeal.
  • First, go to the Topic dropdown box. Here, select the Account ban/suspension option.
  • Next, tap on the Tell us more.
  • Now, you will get three options, i.e., Banned account (age-related), Livestream, and Banned account (not age-related). Choose the option that best describes your issue.
  • Lastly, it’s time to describe your issue with the TikTok account. In the “How can we help box?” describe your situation and plead to remove the ban from your TikTok account.
  • Moving to the final step after describing your issue, go to the bottom of the form. Here, you will get an option of Attachments. You can upload up to 10 screenshots. So, if you want to attach the screenshot of the banned message, then upload it here.
  • If you have chosen the Banned account (age-related) or Livestream option under the Tell us more section, then you have to upload your photo holding the ID. It is to prove that you are not below the age of 16.
  • After submitting the feedback form, you need to wait for a few days for the response.


You can opt for one or all the hacks and tips to recover your permanently banned account on TikTok.

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