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What is Chirpty Twitter? How to Find Your Twitter Interaction Circle?

Chirpty Twitter

Twitter has the widest audience in the world. People put their thoughts and opinions in 160 designated characters and let the world know about their strong thoughts in every segment. People here follow hundreds of people and hundreds of thousands follow them. They keep seeing the tweets and pictures of the followers and personalities. But there are also a few tweets where you can see people mention their close circle or chirpty circle along the tweet.

Every social media user wants a close circle of friends and acquaintances with whom they want to connect all the time. In this article, we will discuss what is a chirpty circle on Twitter and how can you make a close friends circle on Twitter using this tool easily.

What is Chirpty Twitter?

It is a fun tool you can generate to create a circle of your closest friends and followers on it. After that, you do not have to log in to interact with them. You can message them as well as retweet their tweets and opinions easily.

The feature uses your interaction history data to generate interaction circles so that you can visit your history on your profile. To see your interactions on Twitter, go to “Streams,” navigate to a Twitter stream, choose the Twitter account name or avatar from a stream, assignment, or notification, and finally select the Interactions tab. As a result, all interactions between the chosen profile page and that Twitter account will appear in chronological order for you.


After a setup, your circle would look like this image. After this, you can enjoy the following benefits from this.

  • Circle of your own: It can give you complete privacy and comfort zone so you can interact and share stuff with them conveniently. You can be your true self in that special circle.
  • You can make sections accordingly: By chirpty circle, you can make groups and circles of your own will. You can scrutinize close friends, friends, and acquaintances separately. It will help you to choose content between all the groups.
  • Twitter API: This feature helps you to detect your inner circle easily and you do not have to choose your circle all by yourself. Using its artificial intelligence it will detect friends and relevant tweets in a few seconds. Twitter will score your interaction cycle based on several criteria in the next level.
  • Saves time and Resources: Creating a chirpty circle can save a lot of time and resources for you. You do not have to find your close friends one by one. They will be right in front of you and you can interact with them whenever you want.

How to Find Your Twitter Interaction Circle

To make this circle you have to go to its official website You will see a box where you can add your username without spaces in it. After entering it will show you an 8 closest friends slot on the first attempt. For the next slot, you have to wait for 15 minutes or pay $0.99. After that, it will download an image that will show your account in a circle with a complete chirpty circle around it. It will indicate the accounts that ar3e added inside the circle for direct interaction and procedures.

Twitter Interaction Circle

The system generates three circles, organized by “proximity”. One with eight accounts, the second with 15 accounts, and the third with 16 accounts. It will notify you if you have any slots left or not. Altogether you can make a chirpty circle of 137 friends on Twitter easily.

A value was assigned to each of these actions in the algorithm. “Because a retweet is undoubtedly a bigger sign of interaction,” says the dev.

  • Like / Favorite: 1.0
  • Reply (reply / mention): 1.1
  • Retweet: 1.3

Free Slots

If in any case, you have used all of your slots but still want to add one or two more slots. You can request one but it depends on availability only. And it is given on a first come first get basis. If you want to avoid d long queue just pay an extra $0.99 and jump to the top of the priority list. This technique is also called Chairpty Hopper. Through this, you can get a free slot where you can place more friends in your inner circle easily.

Tools similar to Chirpty

In case you do not like chirpy and its features. The market has a few more options that you can opt to make close friends circles on Twitter. Few of them have more features and options in them. Here we are discussing the three most famous yet widely used tools for Twitter following. this is a free tool with lots of customization options. The good news is that you don’t need to access your Twitter account to use Orbit, and also, no password is required. However, you cannot use it on private Twitter accounts. This is another alternative website to make a great Twitter interaction cycle. Realtoptweep has a free image download option, and no account access and password are needed to enjoy this collection. Again, you cannot benefit from Realtoptweep on your Twitter private accounts. Twopcharts was the first website that introduced the Twitter interaction circle and is also one of the best candidates in this field. The negative point is you need to enter your password to access the tools, which is a risky action. More after, you need to pay for some of their features if you decide to use them.

These are all very useful and efficient tools that can help to make a close circle on Twitter easily. After that in most of them, you do not have to log in or add credentials every time you want to interact with them. Some of the features are paid and expensive but most of the time, the basic plan of every tool came free of cost. It will help users save time, resources, money, and bandwidth.


Chirpty makes the close Twitter interaction circle using your interests and common interactions using API. This tool is making its way in the market rapidly and after some time it will be like any other social media group but more useful on all platforms.

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