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What Does IMK Mean in Texting and Social Media?

IMK Meaning in Texting

The meaning of IMK in texting is “In My Knowledge”.

It is one of the popular slang words used in texting and messaging. Many people don’t know the meaning of IMK and get confused. However, it should be clear now.

The slang word or texting abbreviation IMK is used when you want to say you are pretty certain of something, but you are not %100 sure.

Related Meaning:

“In My Knowledge” is a popular meaning for IMK, but there is another meaning. “I Must Know” is considered to be another meaning of IMK. However, the first one is mostly used in messaging and chatting. So, consider the context of the use of IMK to determine the proper meaning.


Person 1: I think you should use that old road for traveling.

Person 2: IMK. The old road is worse than the new one.

IMK is widely used on popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and others.

If you have learned what IMK stands for, share it with others. In addition, you can learn more by using the list of popular texting abbreviations on this website.

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