Why Organic Instagram Growth Matters

Instagram is surely one of the most buzzing social media platforms today! And no doubt, an excellent marketing platform too. 

Well, it’s not just a saying. There are numbers to back this. According to the recent statistics, Instagram has approximately 1 billion active users now; 80% follow a minimum of one business account. And interestingly, 500 million such business accounts use Instagram stories each day. This is remarkably huge! Right? So, you can understand very well what a powerful platform Instagram has become to promote your brand.

Above that, if you leverage the benefits of the best Instagram Growth Service like GRAMiety, you can get more Instagram followers naturally and take your company’s social presence to the next level. What makes GRAMiety stand out in the crowd of so many Instagram Growth Services available in the market today is that it is a 100% safe Instagram compliant, which ensures organic footprints that keeps your brand flourish.

Yes! Organic Instagram Growth makes a huge difference in the marketing world because you grow your audience meaningfully and not just with some fake followers and accounts. The fake followers will certainly seldom become your customers. What is the point of promotions if your followers finally don’t end up purchasing what you sell?

So, we can clearly say that Organic Instagram Growth is something that you should concentrate on to reap the best of your brand’s Instagram promotions.

Why Should You Focus on Organic Instagram Growth?

Targeting to attract your Instagram audience organically will not bring Instagram growth so fast compared to buying your followers or using different underhanded tactics to entice people. But as they say, slow and steady wins the race. Organic Instagram Growth is the best possible way to get the most out of your business’s Instagram account.

Let’s understand why?

Get More Engagement 


The latest Instagram algorithm is all about ENGAGEMENT. It is a key factor to do great on this trending social media platform. Instagram’s new algorithm will value your stories and posts more which will have more engagement from your followers. This can be anything from comments, direct messages to polls and Q & A responses.

If you choose to buy your Instagram audience, you will not have real accounts; there will be more ghost followers and bots. They will not interact with your posts. As a result, your brand’s Instagram account will be less prioritized by the algorithm, and it will not show up your brand’s profile often to your followers.

Rather, if you go for the organic approach, you will have real accounts and followers associated with your brand’s Instagram account. They will be interested in your brand and your brand message. Ultimately, they will check your new posts eagerly, keep an eye on your stories, participate in different polls that you organize, and so on.

Be More Credible 

If you want to promote your business on Instagram, credibility is a very important factor that you should take care of. You need to prove yourself credible to everyone, from the Instagram algorithm to your existing followers on Instagram and your potential followers.

You need to know that Instagram users are really smart. Many studies have revealed that they have this habit of noticing businesses. Suppose, if they see your brand has more than 10K followers but approximately only have 15 likes or three comments on your posts, they will think that something is fishy about your business.

They can even end up feeling like you have tricked them. And this is something that will hurt your brand’s identity very adversely. Unfortunately, if you buy followers, the scenario will most certainly be like the one that we discussed above. But in the case of organic Instagram growth, there will be only authentic followers and more engagement for sure.

How your audience perceives your business is how they will react to it. If they begin to suspect you, it will hurt your brand’s reputation. So, it is always better to go for organic Instagram growth for excellent long-term results.

Attain Actionable Instagram Analytics 


Your Instagram analytics are nothing but the goldmine of crucial data and information that can help you to optimize your future promotional strategies and prove your business better for your audience. But only if you intend to grow your Instagram followers organically you will have access to the authentic version of these insights.

Instagram Analytics include different crucial details of your audience, their demographics, locations, when they are active, and what kind of posts they prefer. This is something very critical for not just your brand’s success on Instagram. You can also use this information to craft your different business decisions on a variety of verticals. They can be either your social media-oriented customer acquisition strategies or the offline ones.

What happens to be the biggest problem with fake followers is that they don’t engage with your posts proactively (as mentioned above). Even if they engage, they are not interested in your Instagram account and the content that you are creating. As a result, you will not find authentic insights into your followers’ wants and your Instagram analytics will be useless. Thus, you will lose the ability to see your level of connection with your business’s target audience. And what will it result in? A poor understanding of your audience and customers’ choices.   

On the other hand, when you rather opt for Organic Instagram Growth, you will have real followers who came to your Instagram page because they liked something about your business. So, your Instagram Analytics will reveal how well your business is resonating with them.

For example, you will be able to keep track of what types of posts your audience prefers to see more through their likes and comments. If you see they love your quote graphics more than your photos, you can often post the former to attract more traffic. Like this, if you watch your analytics, you will understand your target audience better and ultimately, you will grow a brand that serves them.

So, it is sure that having fake followers on Instagram will disturb this facet, which will cut down your chances to optimize your brand. In the end, your business will not serve your customers in the best possible way.

You Don’t Miss Your Target Audience 

Let’s talk a little more about your target audience because they are the heroes when it comes to promoting your brand! And Instagram promotions are no different. Irrespective of whether your business wants to drive back your customers from Instagram to your website, sell them your product or service, or you are an influencer, and you sell your things on Instagram itself, attracting and nurturing potential customers is your primary goal. Right?

But you can’t meet this objective if you purchase fake followers. Well, they will not become your customers…and there is no doubt about that. After all, fake followers are nothing but some empty accounts, bots, or random people who don’t find your products or services useful for themselves. So, they add ZERO value to your engagement and sales funnel.

Thus, you need to refrain from catching up on the numbers! This is one of the biggest disadvantages of social media. People can get easily fooled with useless and fake numbers, and they continue to push to increase their follower count.

If you choose to grow your Instagram followers inorganically, you will eventually lose the opportunity to attract those authentic accounts interested in your business. 

And believe it or not, this can be a really big downfall for your business! 

However, if you go for organic Instagram growth, you will get quality followers to lead your business to increase sales. It might take some time. So, you need to be patient, give your time, nurture your audience, and initially provide a significant amount of free value and information. But once you gain your customers’ confidence, your revenue is going to shoot up!

Moreover, there is no point in investing your time and resources to create meaningful content for your Instagram account if your posts reach some fake followers and bots. Instead, you should prioritize real followers and make it a focal point to grow your Instagram followers organically. In that case, you will have a much more stable strategy to attract a potential audience.

Never Get Banned 

Getting your Instagram followers organically will protect your brand from getting banned on Instagram as well. Buying followers is not accepted by Instagram, and it violates the community guidelines of this social media platform. If Instagram can understand and identify your followers as fake, they will ban your account. So, will you prefer to take this risk?

You have put a lot of your time, energy, and effort into building your brand, creating purposeful and meaningful content regularly and making your Instagram account worthwhile. Now, it won’t be a smart idea to ruin what you have built to fulfil your desire to increase the number of your followers. And that too some meaningless followers!

The Bottom Line

In this blog, you came to know why organic Instagram growth matters so much! Now, what will you choose? Growing your Instagram followers organically or some tricky ways to increase your fake followers?

I hope it’s the former one. Isn’t it?

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