How to become famous on TikTok

The present-day belongs to the influencers. Don’t you agree? We see millions of influencers on the internet and follow their content, we enjoy watching them, and it is fun. We try to imitate them to go with the latest trends. Their content is appealing, and therefore, we are making such people famous. The engagement of youth in social media is immense. A study in 2019 shows that more than 12000 13 to 16-year-olds found that they use social media three times a day. Another study shows high levels of social media use.

But you must be wondering how it started?

TikTok started its journey in 2007. Firstly, it became popular among the US youth. Then it began to create an impact worldwide by tapping creative minds as some people used it just for entertainment purposes. The rest of them made a whole identity out of it by creating a solid impression on the audience. Moreover, if we talk about its immediate impact, how can we forget the time of the pandemic? Yes, TikTok emerged differently during the latest global pandemic period. The users multiplied by ten times. It was the highest-used application of those days and was trending every day on social media for its creative content.

Digital Innovation

The expansion of digital platforms has taken immense tempo in the recent past. Many businesses, public figures, and influencers got the necessary exposure with these digital platforms. Companies started the B2C business model with digital network marketing, breaking the long chain of traditional marketing methods. Now one can do business abroad by just being at home.

Conservatively, Public figures and social media influencers grew exceptionally well with digital innovation and could spread their ideologies worldwide. People can efficiently and effectively meet the audience’s demands quickly and effectively due to flexible communication.

Monetizing TikTok

TikTok emerged from more than being just an entertainment platform to a business proposition. It is a popular marketing application that reflects social media trends for creative skills and collaboration among youth. Brand building, influencer marketing, and social networking are techniques to earn. These are impossible if your profile doesn’t have a good count of TikTok followers.

Building a community of TikTok followers is challenging, especially if you are a new creator with limited reach and you seek to grow the potential of your profile and content. It could take years to establish an account that has millions of followers.


Celebian is a platform for creative and innovative content creators who want to make their content quality rich and make it reach every corner of the world. Understanding the effort and time it takes to get high-quality followers. It serves you with an army of high-quality followers, which will increase your likes, views, comments, reactions, and shares. These active accounts on TikTok will review your content and serve you with feedback through liking and commenting.

Pros and Cons of having TikTok followers


  1. It gives a boost to your profile

Having a good number of followers on TikTok can boost your profile. Your followers are capable of increasing your reach. When you have many followers, you get more views, likes, comments, and sharing; hence, the more often people share your videos among their friends and groups, your reach enhances.

  1. Can get fame

We see and know many people who got famous through TikTok. So, if you have the proper knowledge, hang off the application and awareness of its features and functions. You can easily make impactful content out of it, which people will love, and you can become famous.

  1. Monetary benefits

Apart from just being a source of entertainment, TikTok has got many monetary benefits also. One can earn money from it if they have many followers. TikTok starts to pay you after you reach 10,000 followers.

Earnings from advertisements

When you gain a tremendous reach on TikTok and have numerous views on your videos, advertisement starts to run on your videos, which fetch your money.

  1. Marketing benefits

If you are into business, you can use TikTok to make informative content and make people aware of your business. TikTok provides you with relevant tools to do so. Many people on TikTok use it for marketing and branding by making quality and factual video content.


  1. Privacy constraints

Having as many followers on social media can hinder your privacy, as your followers keep track of everything you do. Moreover, you are not all aware of your followers. If you are a public figure, a variety of people follow you. They could be hackers or people indulged in malicious activities that can breach your data because your identity is online, and they can keep track of it.

  1. Cultivate Self-Doubts

 The world is competitive, and everybody wants to be ahead of somebody, especially on social media. In today’s youth, there is a competition about who has a more significant number of followers on social media. For example, if you have a friend who has thousands of followers and is very famous, then there is a tendency to feel jealous, and you will start to have second thoughts about yourself and thoughts like, am I not good enough? Therefore, it affects the personal thinking of an individual about themselves.

  1. Refrains you from social life

Humans are social animals; we have often heard this as social media and the trend to have more followers emerged. People started to refrain from their social life, as they started to spend more time on their social media handles, as it is part of their identity and they are nothing beside it.

  1. Expensive at times

Buying TikTok followers can be expensive at times, and most people cannot afford it, so it is not a solution for everyone. Only the people who have the potential to afford power can avail themselves of it.


The hype to become famous and have more followers will never end now. Day by day, social media is taking the steering wheel of our life. It is impossible to imagine a life without it. Social media is a new lifestyle. But not every lifestyle habit is beneficial. Thus, engagement in social media is good until and unless it is purposeful. Otherwise, it has got some severe causes as well.


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