Tips to Write an Engaging Essay

Many of us have passed our academic life, and many are still struggling with it. Creative subjects are always a big problem for all of us. Writing long stanzas, translations, and giant essays seems hazardous to the mind.

Every student has encountered this problem. But the question is still there.

How to write a good and engaging essay? How do I become more productive, and what should be the essay layout?

Don’t worry. You will get all your answers here. We will discuss essays thoroughly and find out the tips to help you write a fantastic essay.

What is an essay?

An essay is a piece of writing written on a specific topic to give information to the reader.

There are many types of essays depending upon the content they are providing. Like in an informatics essay, you might give information about a product or a well-known personality.

Similarly, an essay in which you are presenting your thoughts and giving an analysis is called an argumentative essay.

Tips for writing an essay

In writing an essay, some fundamental tips and tricks must be followed. With these small steps, you cannot only make your writing more concise and interactive.

Out of the long list of tips, the five most important and easy to follow are:

1.     Research for your topic

Research is the backbone of every essay. Always do hardcore research for your topic.

You can collect informatics from various resources. There are two types of research primary and secondary research.

Primary research is the research in which you collect data on your own. For example, if you are writing a scientific essay, you can experiment with your topic and write it down.

Secondary research can also be done for essays. In this type of research, you study other people’s work and experiments. After looking, you gather data and write it in your essay.

For writing a well-defined essay, you should do both types of research. While researching, make short notes of good points so that you may use them later whenever you write an essay.

2.     Make effective use of language

Through language, you can communicate with your reader. You may say that it is a bridge between your reader and you.

The bridge should be solid and easy to pass for a good transfer of information. If you use complex language and have difficult words and long sentences in your essay, your reader will get bored of it as he does not understand your topic.

No matter how informative your essay is, if you are not explaining and delivering o=it rightly to your reader, how will soon stop reading.

Always use accessible language. Through plain and straightforward language, you will be able to grab more readers. They do not require any dictionary to consult again and again. Your idea will be more understanding and clear to the people.

3.     Paraphrase your material

When you research a topic, you pick up the main points and write them in your essay. It is good as it provides a strong base for your essay. It also provides evidence that you have studied your topic.

But it can be a trouble for you at the same time. Copying someone’s material can cause plagiarism. Plagiarism can harm the credibility of your research and essay.

It is easy to paraphrase the content taken from secondary research. You can do manual paraphrasing. Just read the text three to four times and write in your own words.

Similarly, this task can also be performed by online tools. These tools are effortless to use, and you have to copy your text on the input slot, and it will rephrase it. The sentence structure and tone will remain maintained or improved.

Prepostseo, Spinbot, Paraphrase online, etc., are some famous rephrasers that can be used for this purpose. These tools also work as originality checkers, and you can check the percentage of unique content with these tools.

4.     Work on your essay structure

Besides wording and material, the structure of the essay matters a lot. If you do not make points symmetrical in the essay, the reader will become confused and lost.

You can follow an essential structure for your essay that is:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

In the introduction, you can give a brief view of your topic and write a problem statement if you are writing an analytical essay.

In body paragraphs, you can make heading and subheadings. These paragraphs should contain all the necessary detail.

Such as, if you are writing an essay on a product, you should describe its physical features, functions, advantages, and disadvantages in your body paragraphs. Make sure that for every segment, you make a separate subheading.

The reader can directly approach his favorite part through headings if he did not have the time to read the entire essay.

At the end of your essay, always wrap up your discussion. Here you can again tell the reader the pinpoints of the essay. It is the extract of your whole essay.

5.     Give your essay a final touch

All the tips above are the preliminary steps by which you can write a good and well-descriptive essay.

After writing and giving your essay a structure, you also require some final touches.

The most crucial point that many people overlook is the presentation and grammar. Always check your presentation, and your essay should be aligned and written nicely. Read your essay thoroughly two to three times and eliminate all grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

Wrong grammar can impose a very harmful effect on the reader. Senseless sentences can create confusion in the readers’ minds. So it is essential to take care of it on a serious note.

You can use online tools like Prepostseo, Grammarly, etc. These tools will pick mistakes in your essay within minutes. They also give you suggestions to correct these mistakes most appropriately.


Essay writing can be a fun work if you know its basics. Some tips can help you with your essay, like research, paraphrasing, alignments, etc.

By following these tips, you can make your essay engaging and secure good grades. So always follow all the above tricks and make a good piece of writing.

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