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Google is making a big push in the generative AI space, rolling out several new features and expanding access to existing tools. Here’s a breakdown of the key updates:


  • Brand new text-to-image tool with an innovative interface featuring “expressive chips” for easy experimentation.
  • Offers higher-quality image generation than previous models.
  • Images are tagged with SynthID to indicate AI creation and include IPTC metadata for transparency.
  • Currently available in the US, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia (English only).

MusicFX and TextFX:

  • MusicLM improvements include faster generation, higher-quality audio, and 70-second songs.
  • TextFX boasts usability updates for better navigation and user experience.

Imagen 2 Model:

  • Powers ImageFX and new generative AI features in Bard, Search, Ads, Duet AI, and Vertex AI.
  • Generates the highest-quality AI images yet, with reduced artifacts and improved areas of weakness.
  • Google emphasizes safety measures, including data vetting, guardrails against harmful content, and adversarial testing.

Bard Accessibility:

  • Gemini Pro now available in over 40 languages and 230 countries/territories.
  • Free English image generation in Bard for most countries (with SynthID watermarks).

Emphasis on Responsible Development:

  • SynthID: A digital watermark identifies AI-generated images and audio in Search and Chrome for transparency.
  • IPTC metadata: Provides additional information about AI-generated images for users.
  • Imagen 2: Powers the new image generation features and delivers higher-quality images with fewer artifacts.
  • Training data safety: Google emphasizes investments in safe training data and guardrails against harmful content.
  • Adversarial testing: Extensive testing helps detect and mitigate potential issues with generated content.

What this Means for You?

Here’s what this means for you:

Image Generated by ImageFX

  • More creative possibilities: Experiment with text-to-image, explore different music styles, and enjoy a smoother experience in TextFX.
  • Higher quality results: Imagen 2 delivers better-looking, more realistic AI-generated images.
  • Responsible development: Google takes steps to ensure their tools are used safely and ethically.
  • Greater accessibility: More people can now access and use Google’s generative AI tools.

Ready to try it out? Head to the Image FX AI Test Kitchen (currently US, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia only) and unleash your creativity!

Important notes:

  • These tools are currently in English only.
  • ImageFX creations are tagged with watermarks to indicate AI generation.
  • Google encourages responsible use of their tools.


  • Google is actively developing and expanding its generative AI capabilities.
  • These updates offer innovative tools for creative expression and communication.
  • Transparency and safety are highlighted, with features like SynthID watermarks and data security measures.
  • Accessibility is increasing, with more languages and regions supported.

This is a significant development in the field of generative AI, and it will be interesting to see how these tools are used and evolve in the future.

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