HWP Meaning

HWP is an acronym for “Height Weight Proportional”.

The definition of the HWP states that it is used to tell about someone’s physique. HWP is usually used on dating sites to describe a person’s physique without giving body measurements. For example, when someone wants to describe the physique in a personal ad:

5ft 8 inches. HWP.

Usually, it is believed that people who use HWP to define their physique are slightly overweight.

According to the Urban dictionary, “hwp” is generally substituted for actual numbers, hiding the person’s actual weight. Most people who claim to be hwp are overweight or obese, but not super extremely fat. Skinny people and thin people never claim to be hwp in personal ads, though they fit the literal definition.”

Example Sentence:

“Don’t call him HWP, he is in good shape!”

Use of HWP

HWP is usually used on online dating sites. It has the same meaning as “Height Weight Proportional” when used on Tinder, Zoosk, match.com, and craigslist.

HWP is also used in texting when someone wants to describe the physique.

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