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7 Outdated Social Media Strategies That Would No Longer Work in 2024

7 Outdated Social Media Strategies That Would No Longer Work in 2022

Social media marketing doesn’t stay the same and evolves depending on the trends and consumers’ demands. It means your social media strategies must also evolve to meet your audience’s new demands.

So, before you invest your time and effort in any social media tactics for your business and hire a social media company in Woodford, it’s wise to be aware of the following outdated strategies that would no longer work in 2024:

  1. Posting Links Only

Another outdated social media strategy that may not work in 2024 is posting links only. If your social media accounts are mostly sharing links, your followers may lose interest and may start to unfollow you.

To avoid that, balance your links with posts helpful for your audience. You can also share content from non-competitive resources. This way, your target audience will think of your social media accounts as something helpful and not only promotional.

  1. Publishing The Same Content On All Platforms

In the past few years, it’s been a typical social media strategy to share the same content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. Today, it’s an outdated practice as things have changed, and the audience for various social media platforms has become more segmented. Therefore, to build an effective social media strategy in 2024, make sure to optimize your posts for every platform.

LinkedIn and Facebook share similarities, but Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter content require a custom approach. For instance, since Twitter only allows a limited amount of characters for every tweet, you should write something catchy to get your audience interested. You can also use hashtags for Instagram and Twitter to create a conversation.

  1. Relying On Auto-Posting

Although automating your social media posting may help improve productivity and time saving, it might not provide your desired results in 2024. It’s because social media users think that your brand is spammy. A good practice is to schedule content once a week. Scheduling content this way enables you to capitalize on the relevant trends and topics that might occur.

  1. Mass Following To Get Followers

In social media, it’s a common strategy for many brands to do mass following to gain followers. Since most accounts will follow back anybody who follows them, brands believe that mass following can increase their follower count, improving their social proof.

Unfortunately, this social media strategy isn’t as effective as before. The reason behind it is that social media users are wary of following low-value-appearing or fake accounts. Most people are also savvy that a near-equal ratio of followers and following is a tip-off that those accounts didn’t follow them with a genuine interest in mind.

  1. Sending Automated Thank You Messages

If there’s another automated social media marketing strategy that you should put to an end, it’s sending automated thank you messages after someone follows your social media accounts. It’s because such automated messages may come off as ingenuine, lazy, and spammy. While some brands could generate referral traffic from those messages, it’s more likely that other people are annoyed to see them.

Keep in mind that the rules in social media change all the time, but if there’s one thing that stays consistent, it’s earning your followers’ trust through building meaningful relationships. This will help you do more good for your business than automated messages.

  1. Using Auto-Engagement Bots

In the past, most social media marketers used auto-engagement bots to fake social activity. However, it might not work in 2024 as more social media users can quickly detect such bots these days.

For this reason, rather than boosting your visibility in various social media platforms, using bots may damage the reputation and credibility of your business. So, don’t waste your efforts on using auto-engagement bots and spend your time engaging with your audience in a much more personal approach instead.

  1. Only Sharing Text And Image Posts

Like posting links only, your social media marketing efforts may not produce your desired results in 2024 if you’ll only focus on sharing text and image posts. Gone are the days of these types of social media posts. At present, most social media users prefer various valuable and interesting content. So, if you expect your potential and existing customers to continue following your brand, try to incorporate new content forms, such as:

  • Videos
  • Live videos
  • Infographics
  • Free resources
  • Giveaways

Combining those content forms in your posts will surely spice up your social media accounts. Just make sure to share relevant content only to boost your customer engagement rate.

Wrapping Up

As the global consumer market changes constantly, you should also make changes with your social media strategies. Keep in mind that what works before may not work effectively in 2024. So, consider updating your social media approach by avoiding outdated strategies mentioned above to win more potential customers and make your business grow.

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