How to Build Your Social Media Strategy in 2022

Should you update your social media strategy? Changes are everywhere and the business industry has given entrepreneurs a new tunnel to market their brands. If you’re looking to level up your business, you definitely need to embrace social media marketing, and once you had a grip on your strategy, you shouldn’t be stagnant about it. You need to keep updating it and then cater to the current trends. Updating your social media strategy would be very beneficial in leading your business to success.

Tips on How to Build Your Social Media Strategy in 2024

Since the year is about to end, it’s the perfect time to talk about building your social media strategy for next year. Consider the following tips.

Set smart goals for your business

Before you set out your campaign next year, you need to ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve from using social media?”

Some of the common reasons why entrepreneurs utilize social media is that first, they want to increase their brand awareness, increase sales, and grow their audience. If these are also the things you want to achieve, then set them as your target. Once you know what exactly you want to accomplish, you’re now far from wasting your resources.

Research about your target audience

Although you probably have your audience this year, you need to know whether there were changes in your target audience this coming year. Changes happen inevitably and your target audience may also be prone to these alterations, especially their interests and behaviors. You might want to skip assuming about your audience, instead, do your research.

Establish your essential metrics and KPIs

Your social media strategy this 2024 should always be data-driven. What could be these metrics we are talking about?

  • Reach talks about the number of users who reached your post.
  • Clicks are the number of clicks that users have given on your account. It defines how curious they are about you.
  • Engagement is focused on the total number of interactions you made divided by the total number of impressions of your account. It defines how users see you and how willing they are to interact.
  • Organic and paid likes are both the free and paid interaction you did to catch the audience. By knowing this, you can manage your budget on how much you want to spend for your ads.

The list doesn’t stop there. Other metrics include your hashtag performance and sentiment.  To fully assess the performance of your campaigns, you can check out this template for social media reports.

Plan and create your content

Creating content will be easy if you’ll entrust it with the right social media providers. They also know how to stick with a specific theme of content so that it would create an impact on your audience. Content that is time-sensitive and interactive is also effective.

Assess and monitor what’s working and what’s not

Monitoring the performance of your social media strategy is essential in the overall success of your campaign. You need to analyze your efforts, look through your data, and propose possible solutions that you can adapt for your next campaign. After all, it’s a trial and error phase of your business journey.


Building a social media strategy won’t be quick if you do not know what exactly you need to do. If you want to utilize social media more this 2024 but you lack the skills, you need to invest and find a perfect social media marketer to guide you and help you with it. Give it a shot and start preparing for next year with a bang!

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