Social Media Questions and Answers

Here are questions and answers about social media.

As Mike explains to​ Valerie, which of the following is a significant risk of using social​ media?

Answer: Loss of Privacy


According to the information presented in this​ video, organizations have options for responding to problematic​ user-generated social media content that include all of the follow EXCEPT​ _____.

Answer: Changing it


In this video​ dramatization, Valerie describes organizational guidelines for all of the following social media behaviors EXCEPT​ _____.

Answer: Abstain


According to the information presented by one of the characters in this​ video, which of the following describes the refrain guideline of social media​ behavior?

Answer: Don’t use company resources such as logos, photos, company email, and so on, unless you have permission to use them


According to​ Valerie, which of the following describes the identify guideline of social media​ behavior?

Answer: Make sure you clarify if views are personal or if they represent a company


In​ 2015, __________ million Americans purchased something online.

Answer: 171


​E-commerce began in​ ________ when Netscape earned their first online advertisement from a major corporation.

Answer: 1995


Among the eight unique features of​ e-commerce, which is related to the ability to interact with web technology​ everywhere?

Answer: ubiquity


Among the eight unique features of​ e-commerce, which is related to a consumer being engaged with an immersive multimedia​ experience?

Answer: Richness


The benefit of a consumer being able to look online to find a variety of different prices for the same product is called​ ___________________.

Answer: Price transparency


The benefit of a consumer being able to look online to determine the actual cost a business pays for products is called​ ________________

Answer: Cost transparency


If two people are trading coins and one has far more knowledge about the hobby than the​ other, this is called​ _________________.

Answer: Information asymmetry


The San Francisco Giants sell tickets based on​ ____________, where the prices often change based on demand and other variables.

Answer: dynamic pricing


Which of the following businesses uses the content provider Internet business​ model?

Answer: itunes


Which of the following businesses uses the portal Internet business​ model?

Answer: Google


Twitter and Facebook are both examples of the​ _____________ Internet Business Model.

Answer: Community Provider


Micropayment systems allow for high​ volume, low cost transactions. ​ __________ is considered the largest micropayment system in the world.

Answer: Apple


Paying an online journal, a monthly fee for access to its content is called the​ __________ model.

Answer: subscription revenue


Sending customers to a website for a referral fee is called the​ _____________ model.

Answer: affiliate revenue


Businesses retailing products and services directly via the Internet to individual consumers best describes​ ________.

Answer: B2C electronic commerce


Which is eBay an example​ of?

Answer: C2C electronic commerce


Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding​ Pandora’s Internet business​ model?

Answer: Pandora attracted new users by allowing them to download music for free.


The social commerce feature that includes a stream of events to create a history for friends to view​ is/are called​ ______________.

Answer: timelines


The social commerce feature that enables a consumer to log into sites through Facebook is called a​ ___________________.

Answer: social sign-on


​________ refers to the tracking of individuals on thousands of websites for the purpose of understanding their interests and intentions.

Answer: Behavioral targeting


Which of the following is FALSE about Electronic Data Interchange​ (EDI)?

Answer: EDI is a larger firm using a secure website to link to its suppliers and other key business partners


Tools that record customer activities at websites and store them in a log for further analysis are called​ ________.

Answer: clickstream tracking tools is a popular​ _______________ site where​ start-up companies’ ideas are presented to perspective investors.

Answer: crowdsourcing


​________ services can tell you the price of a house you are looking at or about special exhibits at a museum you are passing.

Answer: Geo information


Which is NOT one of the phases in the timeline for the development of an​ e-commerce presence?

Answer: Mobile implementation


According to the information presented in this​ video, determining how many workers are needed to produce​ 1,000 units of a product in a given work week is an example of​ a(n) _____.

Answer: structured decision


In this​ video, Katie describes a decision that can be made by following a predetermined set of steps. According to​ Leila, this type of decision most often is made at the​ _____ level of an organization.

Answer: operational


According to​ Leila, which types of decisions are made at the executive level of an​ organization?

Answer: unstructured


According to the information presented in this​ video, a​ company’s decision to introduce a new product is an example of​ _____ decision making.

Answer: unstructured


A​ company’s marketing managers meet to create a new marketing plan. According to​ Leila, this is an example of​ _____ decision making.

Answer: semi structured


The stage of the​ decision-making process where identifying and exploring potential solutions takes place is in the​ ____________ phase.

Answer: Design


The quality dimension of the​ decision-making process that addresses the ability to articulate the solution is called the​ ____________ dimension.

Answer: Coherence


The quality dimension of the​ decision-making process that addresses the resources of affected parties is called the​ __________ dimension.

Answer: speed


Which of the following BEST describes a pivot​ table?

Answer: A spreadsheet tool that displays two or more dimensions of data in a convenient format.


Business intelligence​ (BI) differs from Business analytics​ (BA) because BA focuses more on​ ___________________________.

Answer: tools and techniques for analyzing data


Which is an essential component in the capability of GDSS to contribute to a collaborative​ environment?

Answer: Guarantees user anonymity


Stakeholder identification and analysis tools in a​ GDSS:

Answer: Provide structured methods for evaluating ideas


​__________________ reports allow users to enter several variables​ (i.e., region and​ date) to produce a decision making report.

Answer: Parameterized


​______________ analytics has been used by companies like FedEx to determine the impact of price changes on sales.

Answer: Predictive


Some healthcare facilities create maps to visually show where health risks like RSV are concentrated. This is an example of a​ ______________ information system.

Answer: Geographic


The balanced scorecard method is based on​ __________ dimensions of a​ firm’s performance.

Answer: four


Which of the following is NOT a step in how​ case-based reasoning​ works?

Answer: The system asks the user additional questions to expand the database search.


The purpose of​ a/an _________ system is to capture best practice solutions and program them into a set of rules in a software program.

Answer: Expert


​________________ are unique because the technology is based on the human brain and focuses on pattern recognition from large data sets.

Answer: Neural Networks


​________________ work by creating a binary strings​ (e.g., 0s and​ 1s) to find optimal solutions based on a large number of possibilities.

Answer: Genetic algorithms


Software programs that help with repetitive and predictable tasks​ (i.e., Apples​ Siri) are called​ a/an ___________________.

Answer: intelligent agent


Organizations have institutional knowledge that needs to be​ stored, transferred, and applied as part of a​ _______________ strategy.

Answer: knowledge management


If a business​ doesn’t have a full time training​ staff, they can turn to MOOCs which stands for​ _____________________.

Answer: massive open online courses


​Disney’s Epcot Center has​ ______________ systems that use interactive graphics software to simulate​ real-life experiences to both entertain and educate visitors.

Answer: Virtual reality


Which of the following statements does NOT apply to how Procter​ & Gamble​ (P&G) used intelligent agent technology to make its supply chain more​ efficient?

Answer: The intelligent agents searched for information on the internet


Knowledge that already exists inside a firm in the form of formal reports or presentations is categorized as​ ________.

Answer: structured knowledge


Knowledge that resides in the minds of employees that has NOT been documented is called​ ________.

Answer: tacit knowledge


​A(n) ________ system has capabilities for​ classifying, organizing, and managing knowledge and making it available throughout the enterprise.

Answer: enterprise content management


Which of the following is a popular social bookmarking​ site?

Answer: Delicious


Fuzzy​ logic, expert​ systems, and​ case-based reasoning are all​ _______ used with decision making.

Answer: intelligent techniques


As​ Justine, Chris, and Brian discuss a new inventory tracking​ system, Chris describes their study that included consideration of which three dimensions of​ feasibility?

Answer: financial, technical, and organizational feasibility


According to​ Chris, which of the following is the primary concern regarding organizational​ feasibility?

Answer: determining if key stakeholders are in favor of updating the system


In this​ video, Chris describes which acquisition strategy that would require them to standardize some of their business​ processes?

Answer: Purchase an existing inventory tracking system


According to the information presented in this​ video, in a​ _____ conversion, the new system runs alongside the old one until it becomes fully operational.

Answer: parallel


As Brian points​ out, a​ _____ conversion is the riskiest because the new system completely replaces the old one on an appointed day.

Answer: direct cutover


The testing process that focuses on individual computer programs is called​ _________________.

Answer: unit testing


The plan for unit​ testing, system​ testing, and acceptance testing is called​ ____________.

Answer: a test plan


Implementing a new system into an organization module by module is called a​ ____________.

Answer: phased approach


The most bold and risky implementation strategy is the​ _______________ approach.

Answer: direct cutover strategy


The​ ___________________ is the most commonly used methodology for building information systems.

Answer: systems development life cycle (SDLC)


​A/an ________________________ is a document provided to potential external vendors allowing the vendor to compete with a proposal.

Answer: Request for a proposal (RFP)


In the Girl Scouts​ case, they​ _______________ the project to Accenture and Hybris as opposed to building the system internally.

Answer: outsourced


Given the variety of devices individuals use to visit websites​ (i.e., desktops,​ tablets, and​ smartphones), _____________ web design enables a website to change automatically to fit a device.

Answer: responsive


​A(n) __________ app such as Kindle is specifically designed to run on a specific platform and device.

Answer: native


In a dataflow diagram​ (DFD), a(n)​ ___________ portrays the transformation of data.

Answer: rounded box


In a dataflow diagram​ (DFD), a/an​ ___________ represent data stores.

Answer: open rectangle


A​ ___________ chart is a​ top-down chart that orients the project in terms of levels of​ design, and its relationship among levels.

Answer: structure


An entire information system is broken down into its subsystems by​ using:

Answer: high-level data flow diagrams


​Object-oriented modeling is based on which​ concepts?

Answer: class and inheritance


Which of the following is a correct characteristic of Object Oriented​ development?

Answer: It is more iterative and incremental


​Object-oriented development could potentially reduce the time and cost of writing software​ because:

Answer: objects are reusable


A systems building approach in which the system is developed as successive​ versions, each version reflecting requirements more​ accurately, is described to be​ ________.

Answer: iterative


The acronym CASE stands for​ _______________________, which provides software tools to automate the systems design process.

Answer: computer-aided software engineering


Flappy bird is​ (was) considered a​ ____________ because it has specific functionalities for mobile devices and accesses data through the Internet.

Answer: mobile web app


From the Girl Scout cookie​ case, the benefit of lowering increased sales is an example of a​ ______ benefit.

Answer: tangible


Which of the following is NOT a section in an information systems​ plan?

Answer: business information needs


Which of the following is NOT defined in the management strategy section of an information systems​ plan?

Answer: Firm’s strategic plan


When a project is high risk and has the potential for high​ benefits, the company should categorize it as​ ________.

Answer: Cautiously examine


When systems are created​ rapidly, without a formal development​ methodology:

Answer: testing and documentation may be inadequate


In which type of systems building are the development stages organized so that tasks in one stage are completed before the tasks in the next stage​ begin?

Answer: traditional

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