How to Swipe on Instagram PC

Are you here looking for the answer to the question “How to swipe on Instagram pc?” Read this guide to know how to swipe between photos on Instagram on PC.

Instagram can be called a haven for Millennials as it’s almost free from boomers. The best thing is, you don’t have to see big texts hanging over your timeline by your aunt, and it’s more about the cool photos. Instagram was the new cool in 2010, and till now it hasn’t lost its charm. Undoubtedly, it’s for all types of business and the best marketer of its kind. Many users prefer using Instagram on a larger screen, e.g., a desktop computer under 1000 dollars. It makes the posts clearer and wider. Honestly speaking, Instagram has never been a PC-friendly app, this is the reason why people usually don’t know how some features can be used. Out of all these features, swiping on Instagram on PC is majorly addressed by its users.

Recently, the developers of Instagram has launched a button to enable PC users to use the “SWIPE” button between photos. On the Internet, people made an official rant about the unavailability of the swipe feature, and yes! Instagram took notice of it.

Since more technologically advanced mouse types are introduced in the market. Every user had their issue. For example, some users’ with a 4-way scroll mouse didn’t know what to press to swipe right or left or even to scroll. Some users had trackpads that were unable to recognize vertical or horizontal movement. Technically speaking, there was some issue created by Instagram Web developers, so it was hit for some while a major miss for many.

The underlying problem appeared because of the transition from Android to Windows OS, and apart from Operating systems, a major conversion from mobile devices to Personal computers. However, over time, Instagram developers have brought efficiency to the swipe left or right features. This article will help in learning how to do it on your PC.

Swipe on Instagram PC

First thing first! Download the Instagram app from the Microsoft Store or you can just simply open it on your browser. The Instagram app can only be downloaded on Window 10, so if you are running it then must download it. First, we can download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store and App Store to our phones and install it on our computer as we use it. If you are running Windows 10 on your computer, you can download the Instagram app to your computer. It can be done through your mouse and even your keyboard.

For horizontal and vertical swipe on Instagram, simply click the arrow buttons for:

  • Arrow up-to swipe up
  • Arrow down-to swipe down
  • Arrow Left- to swipe left
  • Lastly, Arrow right- to swipe right

However, there are three ways to do it on three types of the mouse:


If your PC or laptop has a touchscreen, then you can do the swipe thing through the trackpad. All you have to do is use two fingers to scroll. Here, you swipe right and swipe left to perform the respective functions on the trackpad. It will help you in scrolling the news feed and swipe right or left multiple pictures your friends have posted.

Instagram’s Feature

In the recently updated version of Instagram, there is a button added to perform left and right. You can simply click them to do the desired function. It will help you in swiping images on Instagram PC, as well.

Four-way Scroll Mouse

As we talked about the technologically advanced mouse, there is one that stands among all. It’s called the Four-way scroll mouse and nowadays being offered by multiple big fishes of the market including Logitech, Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, and many more. It serves the users with unique features on Instagram PC. This is how it works:

  • Pressing the left scroll will swipe towards left
  • Pressing the right scroll will swipe towards the right and so on.


Instagram puts consistent efforts into making its services better and offers new every day. Many features including Swipe on Instagram PC are hard for users who often use the application through their computers and laptops. Although very few people consider the computer-based app of Instagram because it’s one nice mobile-friendly social networking platform engulfing thousands of features. So, was this article helpful?

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