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Settings Icon Aesthetic: How to get Colorful Logo for IOS

Settings Icon Aesthetic

The settings app is one of the most important apps available on a phone whether it is android or iPhone. This app is used to view or change any settings for your phone. Usually, the icon is the same for the iPhone. So, what if it looks better when you use it on your IOS. With the latest updates in IOS software, it is now possible to change the app icons.

Do you want to make the setting app look more beautiful? The best way to do so is by changing the icon or logo of this app.  To do so, selecting an aesthetic settings logo or icon makes sense. You can find many cute app icons for the Settings app online. Here are some places where you can get Settings Icon Aesthetic.

Settings Icon from Pinterest

If you are looking for aesthetic app icons for your IOS icons, vising Pinterest first makes sense. This website has a huge collection of images. You can find a variety of images that you can use. Aesthetic settings icons are also there on Pinterest. You can find the settings icon in black and white on this website. You can find it in other colors too such as a pastel setting icon.


This is a popular website that provides a large collection of beautiful icons for use. At Icons8 you can find a variety of app icons for your iPhone. Many colors logos/icons are available on Icons8 including pastel, pink, blue, black, and other colors. Visit icons8 and get a cute aesthetic settings logo for apple.


Visit the flaticon website, search for settings in the search bar and you will get a list of settings icons/logos. If you are looking for a large variety of icons in one place, this is the best place for you. Here you can find cut icons for the apple settings app. Since you can change the icons after the latest IOS 14 update, here you can find a list of beautiful settings icons.


Do you want to get aesthetic settings icon for your Apple iPhone? You can find beautiful app icons for your iPhone online. Use the above given websites to get high quality icons.

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