What Does YT Mean in Texting and Social Media

Do you want to know what YT means in texting and social media? Read this to know more.

All of us has been under this misconception that the term YT on Social Media is “YouTube”. But, if it is a misconception then what does YT stands for? The YT acronym is used as two common slang. The first one is “You There”, which is just basic texting slang. The latest and more interesting meaning of YT slang is “White”, i.e. White People. In simple words, YT refers to the person who is not of any color. Racist enough, right? Despite its reference, this slang is recurrently used on Twitter, TikTok, and other online gaming chats. It has earned enough popularity among the users of Reddit as well.

Talking about racism, this term is now being used to eradicate race-related issues on TikTok. The race-related rules and regulations on the app were developed under this term. TikTok has always been under hot waters because of certain ethical and fate issues, you might say. It was the reason the app drew a line on any racist approach by any user. Any video featuring racist content gets flagged under the violation of community guidelines.  YT abbreviation is widely used in captions and long messages, as people now find replacements for lengthy words. A few of us even thinks that the YT acronym is unnecessary. Yet, YT slang has received attention and now its use on social media is skyrocketing.

If we focus on the sound of the YT abbreviation, it says “Whi-tey or Whitey”. This is the reason that this pejorative slang refers to a Caucasian person. The supremacy of the color white is observed widely on every platform. According to author Zachary Laub, “Violence associated with Online Hate Speech has been drastically increasing worldwide. The societies experiencing this absurd trend is supposed to address the concern of free speech and censorship over the widely-known tech platforms.” Multiple incidents have been reported indicated towards the increasing trend of racism, let alone the YT term.

Since most people have now converted their social life to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. They consider it their right to put forward their opinions even about sensitive topics. Similarly, the increased interaction of people has escalated the hate speech of people. Social media majorly covers the acceptance of people towards racism, misogyny, and homophobia. However, it is leading societies towards increased intolerance. The worst part is, these social media apps provide platforms for such violent actors to publicize their acts of racisms. Thus, it provides a reason for the word YT origin. Pew Research Center published the following statistics addressing the nations more inclined towards putting offensive statements to minority groups publicly.

The increase in term YT and its popularity has raised many questions among the minority groups. The concerns are majorly associated with their recognition as minority groups. The biased towards them indicate the emerging problems which can be the reason for incidents like George Floyd Case. There can be a positive use of YT meaning that can be used for raising awareness of racism. It can help the world is becoming a safer place for everyone!

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