How to Spy on Instagram Stories

Do you want to spy Instagram stories without others knowing about it? Are you looking for ways to track Instagram stories without an account? We are here to solve this for you.

Instagram is a great application to keep track of your friends and keep up-to-date of everything they share about their lives. Instagram stories, reels as well as posts are now an integral aspect of our lives. While we share our lives publicly on social media, sometimes we prefer to be quiet and look at our feeds.

If you’re an avid Instagrammer and you have wanted to look at the story of someone else on your profile, without their knowledge at time. When you go to view the story of someone else on Instagram the view you see will be counted towards their list of stories that they have viewed. But it is not a problem to spy on someone’s stories secretly. Here, we’ve identified a variety of ways to access the Instagram Stories secretly.

Is it Possible to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Since it is against Instagram’s policy you will not be able to view Instagram stories anonymously. There is not an official tool from Instagram for viewing stories anonymously. However, there are some methods that you can use to spy on Instagram stories.

Create a New Instagram Account

By creating a new account that does not reveal your identity is a great way to spy on Instagram stories anonymously. You need to create an account that you want to use only for viewing stories without revealing your real identity.

For example, if your business wants to spy its competitors. You cannot use your official account as it will reveal that you are spying them. So, create a personal account that does not match your business account. Use this account a view other’s stories.


Use a VPN to create the account to hide your real IP. It will ensure that you will not get flagged for doing this.

without this new account you can easily spy others without them knowing.


Using Airplane Mode

Creating an Instagram account to view Instagram stories anonymously is a great way to view do so. However, here is another method that takes the hassle our of creating a new account. You can simply use the airplane mode to view stories.


  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Let the stories to load. Wait for it.
  • Now, switch on your phone’s air-plane mode.
  • Open the app again and open the story you wanted to watch.

It is a simple way to watch stories. However, if the air-plane mode does not work for you try other methods.

Try Half Swipe

This a great method, if you are already following someone and don’t want them to know that you have watched their story.

  • Instead of clicking the Instagram Story you want to view, click on another account’s Story next to it.
  • Instagram runs Stories back-to-back, so lightly hold swipe to view the first frame of the next account’s Story without properly clicking on it.
  • This lets you see the gist of the first Story without your name appearing on a “Seen by” list.
  • Similarly, you can view the last frame of someone’s Instagram Story by clicking on the first Story of the next account and lightly swiping back to view the previous account’s last Story.
  • Note that this method doesn’t allow you to view all the middle frames of an account’s Story.

Use Instagram Story Viewer Tools

There are many Instagram viewer tools that you can use to spy on others. The best thing about these tools is that these are free and you don’t have to create an account to use these. Since these are third party tools, you can easily visit their website and spy on the account. We have a dedicated post about the best anonymous Instagram stories viewers. You can read the post and know about different tools.

However, here are some of the best Instagram stories viewer tools.

Picuki Features
Picuki is one of the best tools view Instagram stories anonymously.
  • Picuki
  • StoriesDown
  • Imginn
  • Dumpor


You can also download the stories of public Instagram accounts.

How to Anonymously Watch Instagram Story Secretly on a PC/computer

It is easy to watch Instagram stories on a pc/computer. Simply visit save-insta .com website. Now, enter the account username in the search area and hit enter.

You can watch others reels, photos, and stories. You can even download their content on your PC/computer if you want to. This tool allows you to view Instagram stories without installing any third party app.

How to watch an Instagram Story Secretly on an iPhone?

You can watch Instagram stories by using your iPhone. Just go to apple app store and download story reposter app. Now login with your account details. Now search for account using the search bar. Now you will be able to see their stories.

How to secretly watch Instagram Stories on an Android Phone?

It is a simple process like we did on iPhone. Simply, download story saver from Play Store. Now login to the app with your account details. Use the search area and enter their handle. It will show you their Instagram stories that you can watch anonymously.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to view Instagram highlights anonymously?

We have listed some methods in this post that you can use to view IG stories anonymously.

How to view Instagram Stories without an account?

If you don’t have an account on Instagram, you can use Instagram story viewers to view stories.

How to spy on Instagram stories anonymously?

The methods given in this article are useful if you want to spy on Instagram stories anonymously.

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously of a private account?

Unfortunately, there is no way in which you can view Instagram Stories anonymously of a private account if you don’t follow the account. So, first send them a follow request. You will be able to see stories after they approve you.

Can you view an Instagram story without them knowing?

Yes, use a tool like Picuki to view Instagram story without them knowing about it.

Can you view Instagram story highlights anonymously?

Yes, there are tools available to view Instagram highlights anonymously.

What is the best anonymous Instagram story viewer?

Dumpor is one of the best Instagram story viewer tools.

How to track someone Instagram story?

According to Instagram “if someone shared a story you haven’t seen, you’ll see a colorful ring around their profile picture.” This way you can track the stories.

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