WTMS in Texting Slang

If you are looking for the definition of wtms in texting on social media, you are in the right place. Wtms is a common term that people use on social media platform like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and others. You may have seen the term “wtms” other people’s posts.

The answer to wtms is simple. It means “with the most sincerity.” It is often used to show that the person is being sincere and honest in whatever they are saying.

Other definitions for WTMs:

Here are some other meanings for the term wtms.

Where the Monkey Sleeps

Warehouse Transport Management System

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

When the Music Stops

Waste Tire Management System

World Trade in Minerals System

West Texas Masters Swimming

Web Topic Management Subsystem General

World Tourism Marketing Summit

Winslow Township Middle School

Workforce Transition Management Staff

Washington Township Middle School

William Thomas Middle School

Williams Technology Middle School

Wind Turbine Monitoring System

Walking Track Management Strategy

West Thibodaux Middle School


The most common definition for wtms is “with the most sincerity”. However, you can use other definition based on the content of the discussion.

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