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What is Facebook Clipboard and Where to Find it?

Facebook Icon - What is Facebook Clipboard and Where to Find

Facebook is dominating the world of social media with 2.8 billion monthly active users. It’s a popular interactive platform for socializing, digital marketing, and even recruiting new employees. Facebook engulfs a world inside it. Sometimes, you are scrolling through your Facebook wall and like something. So, you try to save it for later use. Being a savvy platform, it keeps everything on Facebook Clipboard. You might be thinking that you have never heard this word, so let us introduce you to this incredible Facebook’s feature and help you in finding it.

What is Facebook Clipboard?

For keeping pace with other software and apps, Facebook allows the user to find their copied text on a place called Clipboard. Facebook Clipboard is quick yet temporary save location. However, many people are unaware of the copy/pasting feature one can use. So, If you are using Facebook on your PC, then just do a simple thing. Open your Facebook account. With the help of your mouse choose the text you want to be copied. Then click CTRL+C simultaneously. Now, do you know where your copied data will be? Of Course! On Facebook Clipboard. Now you can paste the text on any other location of your computer by pressing CTRL+V at the same time.

 Where to Find Clipboard on Facebook?

The text you have copied doesn’t appear on some bar or section because it’s not a part of your smartphone. It doesn’t appear directly on your Facebook wall. Since all the text you have copied is stored on your smartphone’s phone, so there is only one way to locate the clipboard. For this purpose, only a clipboard manager application installed on your phone can help you.

Now you must be thinking about how it works? Let us tell you!

First. Install a clipboard manager app on your phone. It will be like a clipper clipboard. Open your Facebook app and select the text you want to copy. Choose any type of text field to paste your text. When you will click on that text field, the Facebook clipboard will appear. Here, you can select what you want on your text field from all the copied data available on the clipboard.

There is another way as well which works without any clipboard application. By long-pressing the text field you have chosen, the paste option will appear. In this case, only recently copied text will appear.

At the End

If you are habitually copying text from Facebook to learn or use it later, definitely getting access to the Facebook clipboard physically is not possible. No location can display your copied text. The only way to find the copied text before pasting is through the Facebook clipboard manager. These applications will be available with different names, but they have the same function. However, if you choose the “Save” option on Facebook for saving media files, videos, and other rich content. Then, quickly go to the “Collections” section, Facebook offers. Will it be easy for you to access the Facebook clipboard now?

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