Red Heart Meaning on Snapchat

Snapchat is the only tool that changes the name of friendship in the modern era. More than 95 percent of youth use this application to interact with their friends and to make new friends. They all love to maintain streaks and share precious moments of their life in the form of snaps and videos with their friends.

Now you may have noticed that with few or special contacts few emojis appear. It can be of fire, 100, smiley, yellow or red heart, etc. For most people, they are just emojis and signs. But in the algorithm of Snapchat, they all signify something important. All emojis convey a certain message that is related directly to that contact. In this article, we will discuss all the emojis or the most asked question. What does red heart mean on Snapchat? This question will be answered in detail in this article.

Red Heart Meaning

In the language of Snapchat, the red heart simply means best friends forever or no 1 friend on Snapchat. It will appear with the name when you both send the most number of snaps to each other for more than 2 weeks. Surely it needs a lot of commitment and agreement.

Red Heart

A red heart on Snapchat signifies the importance to another user that you share every snap with that very person and vice versa. Snapchat algorithm will identify that and put a red heart in front of that contact.

It can change if either of the contacts starts sending snaps to any other person. Or you have stopped using Snapchat for a few days for any reason.  Then the red heart will change into the yellow heart which also means best friend but not no 1 best friend. You can still get the red heart back by maintaining a streak like before.

Yellow Heart Meaning

Snapchat has a complete set of emojis that tells the complete story of your friendship with emojis. When you add someone to your contact list it will show a “baby” emoji with your contact that tells that this contact is new in your friends’ circle.

Yellow Heart

After a few days, it will start showing a “smiley face” that will tell that this contact is quite close to you but not a best friend. In any new friendship in this generation, reaching this stage is quite amazing. When you start sending pictures and videos to one particular contact more often, it will turn into a “yellow heart”. The first sign of saying another person is his or her best friend is Snapchat.

Mostly new couple maintains streaks for the longest time to get this yellow heart on Snapchat. They consider this emoji as a memory of their love and dedication. Getting a yellow heart needs a lot of effort, exactly like any relationship.

This yellow heart turns red if this streak went up to 2 weeks and more. You can lose this heart as well if any of the partners or friends stop sending snaps or videos more often. But just like the red heart, getting the yellow heart back is not difficult as well.


Two Pink Hearts Meaning

This emoji has the uttermost significance in the world of Snapchat. If you can see a double pink heart with your mostly used contact. It means that contact is your super best friend forever. It appears when you send snaps and videos to that contact for more than 2 months. If you receive an equal number of snaps from another contact as well, this sign will start showing in front of that contact.

Two Pink Hearts Emoji

In today’s time, two young lovers strive their best to get these two pink hearts on Snapchat. As this declares the seriousness of their relationship on social media. But getting this emoji is the difficult part of Snapchat. If for any reason any user stops using the application or starts sending snaps to any other friend. Then emojis will start demoting gradually. It needs a continuous effort to get two pink hearts on Snapchat.

Meaning of other emojis on Snapchat

Now we will discuss other emojis you can witness on Snapchat more often but did not know the meaning of them.

 Face with Sunglasses: If you are seeing this emoji with any of your contacts. It means mutual friendship on Snapchat. That depicts that your best friend is someone else best friend as well. Two people are sending an equal number of snaps and videos to the same person regularly.

Grimacing Face: This emoji is quite interesting on Snapchat. If any of your best friend’s contact has this emoji that means any other person is also his number 1 best friend (red heart holder). It can be interesting and a cause of the rift between two lovers or friends as well. So if you want to avoid this situation, be careful of this Snapchat’s algorithm.

Smiling Face: This emoji means you both are close friends. You both send snaps to each other on daily basis but not best friends or in the special friend category.

Fire: If you can see a fire emoji with any contact on Snapchat. It indicates the number of days and snaps you are constantly sending to that particular contact. It may rise to yellow and then red heart soon. Snapchat is all about constant effort and continuous dedication.

Birthday Cake: If you forget everyone’s birthday, Snapchat has a clever trick for you. If any contact puts their birthday while signing up on Snapchat, each year on that day a birthday cake emoji will start popping with their name. You can wish them and make your friendship last forever.

Hourglass: This emoji means your streak is about to end so just take a snap as soon as possible and send it before time ran out.

Hundred: This emoji tells that you are sending snaps to each other for 100 days straight. It will turn into yellow and then a red heart.


Every application and software has a significant language. Snapchat also has one. If you learn it, you will enjoy exploring its features and tools. This article covers most of the features it offers.  We will be glad if this piece of writing helps you in any bit.

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