Top 5 US States for Retirees to Buy Cheap Properties

Top 5 US States for Retirees to Buy Cheap Properties

People nearing retirement often wish to feel fulfilled and happy during this phase of their lives. The US has several liveable states where retirees can consider spending the rest of their lives. One of them is Texas, located in the South Central region of the Country.

  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • New Mexico
  • Arkansas



This state is completely devoured in fun and enthusiasm and is one of the best options to spend your retired life. The state can be divided into East Texas and West Texas, where property prices will completely fit your budget. The cost of the property, specifically in West Texas, is only $1300 per acre of land. So, if you want an ideal home to spend a peaceful retired life in here, various West Texas lands for sale are available.


Moreover, West Texas is famous for its varied landscape, mountains, and outstanding wildlife for people who enjoy ranching.

While looking out for West Texas lands for sale, it is important to consider certain factors. These include living costs, taxes, estimated retirement income, and availability of amenities for ease.

Apart from Texas, here is a brief description of other top US states you can consider for spending your retirement.




A complete place to relish nature and soak in some good country music, Tennessee is one of the go-to options to have an inexpensive retirement life. The state is well regarded for its capital zone, Nashville, which harbors various country artists’ legacy. The city is ideal for hiking, fishing, and walking through nature. The average sale of properties is $59,408, while the cost per foot is just $0.37.


West Virginia


Deemed the mountain state, West Virginia is an ideal state to live a tranquil retired life amidst the mountain ranges. Some places to admire in the state include Harper Ferry and Shenandoah River. Apart from this, the state’s geographical location and the Alappachain ranges are also a sight to behold. West Virginia is affordable for a property, with only $1000 for one acre of land.


New Mexico

New Mexico City

A complete mixture pot of spellbinding landscapes, New Mexico, is an ideal and affordable property for retirees to settle down. It is home to well-known places such as the Chihuahuan Desert, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe Opera, and more. Apart from this, the state is also well known for its depiction of Spanish architecture. The state is considered the Land of Enchantment for its raw beauty and is cheap, with only $1500 per acre of land.



Situated amidst nature’s womb, Arkansas is an ideal state to settle for all nature lovers. This state is the best option if you dream of making your retirement lives eventful. Arkansas has everything from fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain trekking, and golfing. The buying expenses of the property are also reasonable, with only $0.06 per square foot of land.


These are the top 5 states that are reasonable and should be your prominent options for buying properties for retirement. However, before deciding on any state to buy the property, you must consider all the factors. Investing the right amount to buy properties in any of these states will ensure you a secure retirement future.



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