The Latest Buzz Around Crypto: Everything You Need to Know

The Latest Buzz Around Crypto Everything You Need to Know

Money has been the center of attention and interest among people for centuries because it is a means of growing and getting whatever we want. Monetary transactions play a vital role in ensuring that the economy of a country survives because it is the circulation of money in the system that keeps a country up and running. You can check out to update and go for all the types of investments that will give you the highest returns.

What is cryptocurrency: Its invention and benefits

With the economy trying to go cashless and reduce the number of physical transactions for ease of payments, governments have been trying numerous methods. And with the invention of crypto, people have found a way to achieve so. For instance, one of the current news points out that Zipmex will release Bitcoin and also Ether for the customers in the market. Along with Bitcoin, BNB and Polkadot also had a recent surge in the market value.

Cryptocurrency or crypto is a digitalized currency that is a mode of transaction performed over the computer network that prevents the possibility of problems like counterfeiting and double-spending.

Cryptocurrency can be a better alternative to other forms of transactions due to benefits such as-

  • It is a very secure mode
  • It enables parties to transact independently and directly with one another without any interference from anybody
  • It helps hedge against inflation from governments too

Bitcoin: The leading Cryptocurrency


Among the various cryptocurrencies in the market today, Bitcoin was one of the first among them to be launched, and it still peaks in the crypto charts after surviving numerous downfalls and rises time and again. The transactions done using Bitcoin are all decentralized and use bitcoin blockchains for verification and tracking. To prevent these problems, Bitcoin can be the right solution by being free from inflation.

Prices of Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is popularly known for its volatile nature. This characteristic of it gives people the chance to make their speculations widely debatable. From its gradual growth in 2011 to crashing severely in the 2017-18 period, and then picking up and reaching an all-time high in 2021, bitcoin has had its downfalls and growth in the market. However, despite of its volatility, bitcoin is still a leading crypto in the market today since its introduction in 2009. Whether you choose Bitcoin or Ethereum, you need to be careful about the type of exchange or wallet that you choose, and this will give you the best features and outcomes of investment.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies: A Good or bad idea?

Having read about the basics of what cryptocurrencies are and how bitcoin is leading in this market, the next question would be to know if investing in these is a good idea or not. And the answer to this question depends upon the investor.

Cryptos have been known to provide high returns, as well as give instant losses overnight too. So it can be a good investment if the investor considers certain aspects such as.

  • Asset allocation- deciding how much of their investments or portfolio is to be invested into cryptocurrencies
  • Financial goals and the period of their investments
  • Risk tolerance
  • Thorough knowledge of the technology used and the digital assets dealt with
  • Methods of investing in these crypto assets, if interested, and deciding on ways to manage them, etc.

Everything has its pros and downsides. Hence, a wise and informed investor would first consider all these aspects, and only then can you decide for yourself if it poses a good or a wrong investment decision.


The crypto market, being comparatively new, has been doing well so far, although it might be considered illegal in a few countries due to rising concerns. However, there are apps out there, such as BitProfit, that can help you in bitcoin trading with their experience in this moderately growing crypto market. This can benefit beginners too, who are looking into setting foot into and gaining knowledge of cryptocurrencies. As it is almost about the more futuristic tendencies in spending and transaction that you have to think about, you need to be careful about the whole process of channelizing links and also how you can get the maximum benefits from the transaction.


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